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Freemic 200 wireless shoulder microphone

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The FreeMic 200 Cordless Speaker-Microphone includes an AC wall charger and tether w/ clip. Features include: 1) Near-field magnetic (NFMC)-based wireless, 2) Noise-canceling mic filters out intrusive background noise, 3) Push-to-talk for easy manual communication.

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  • Stang_max30
    Jedmyster, Tue, 14 Oct 2008 10:10:04 UTC.
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    This wireless microphone uses Near Magnetic Field technology (not Bluetooth) which allows you to transmit and receive on your shoulder microphone without any annoying wires running to your portable radio! :)

    The advantages:
    -No more wrapping that microphone cord through your OC or magazine holders.
    -No more running your microphone cord behind your back as a safety measure.
    -Crystal clear communication. (I've been told I sound MORE clear than with the wired mic.)
    -Up to 50 hour microphone battery power on one charge!
    -In the winter, you can wear it on your jacket w/out annoying wires holding your coat open.
    -Has jack to add Ear Hugger type earpiece.
    -Comes with radio adapter. (If you change radio models, you just have to buy new $99 adapter for radio).
    -You can transmit by pressing button on top of radio adapter, keeping hands down at your sides and speaking into shoulder microphone. (Good for covertly transmitting irate perp, or keeping underarm area of vest unexposed.)
    -Doesn't feel like a toy. Hard plastic, durable.
    -Works up to 5 ft. away from your radio!
    -Completely secure transmissions between microphone and your portable.
    -Volume control buttons on wireless microphone.
    -Manufacturer will often lend demo unit for your dept. to try.

    -It's not cheap. You probably have to buy your own.. not many depts. will buy these for everyone.
    -The microphone doesn't have that pre-transmit chirp on a consistent basis. Sometimes it chirps as you key-up, sometimes it doesn't. (They tell me it's a known timing issue.)
    -A panic button on the wireless microphone would make it perfect.
    -No option to add a small antenna to the microphone.
    -Have to key it up once to "sync" it with radio. (This won't actually transmit anything though.)
    -Desktop "drop-in" charger should be included, but it is not. It will run you $50 extra
    From the manufacturer:

    * All-Weather Design
    * Built-in 2.5mm Jack for External Speaker
    * Powerful Speaker
    * High-Quality Microphone Element
    * Communicates with Radio via Adapter
    * See all radio models supported
    * 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Manufacturer website:

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  • Picture_001_max30
    officerravitch, Tue, 31 Mar 2009 21:43:14 UTC.

    I like this product becauce you never have to worry about the wire.

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