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Blood Lessons by Charles Remberg

Caliber Press
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Real Cops Real Threats Real Lessons, For Survival

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  • The_wall_max30
    brooklynsergeant, Tue, 07 Oct 2008 13:36:22 UTC.
    1st review

    Many know Charles Remsberg as the man who brought Officer Survival to street cops in mass, in his works Street Survival, The Tactical Edge and Tactics for Criminal Patrol. Many know him from the Caliber Press Street Survival Courses. One of the many things you can say about Charles Remsberg, he knows his topic and he knows hoe to deliver to the Law Enforcement community.
    In his latest work Blood Lessons, he achives his goal, bring homw once again details of how to survive in this hostile world of Police work. Story after story is told about horiffic incidents, by those who lived them, lesson after lesson is learned, so that others may survive, through the very carful analysis of the incident.
    A strong foreward by Lt Col Dave Grossman, another comtemporary guru of survival, touting the widom of this work by Charles Remsberg. Followed by page after page of incidents, accounting for actions before, during and aftermath of how this events changed the lives of the Officers involved and those around him or her in their lives.
    I would put it on my must read list, well worh the cover price.

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  • New_dept_id_max30
    CPote, Fri, 25 Sep 2009 08:17:56 UTC.

    This is an excellent book! All officers should read this book so that we do not have to experience the hell that these officers went through.

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  • Protect___serve_logo_max30
    TRPD758, Mon, 07 Feb 2011 17:29:48 UTC.

    This book was recommended to me by a retired LEO and said it was a must read. I purchased the book the next day and read cover to cover with in two days. This book is great teaching tool I feel and would recommend anyone interested in Law Enforcement or already in the profession.Book gives real life stories that really get in depth. I like how at the end of each story that it's broken down in after action review.

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  • P9230351_max30
    PvD, Sat, 06 Aug 2011 19:37:48 UTC.

    This book was a present from my good friend Gabriele. It's a very good book and in my eyes required reading for al LEOs...

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