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Ole' Man on the porch

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An amazing book about the career of North Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper Bryan Gregory

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  • Explorer_mourning_badge_max30
    DStike, Sun, 21 Sep 2008 04:24:27 UTC.
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    This is the book that got me dead set on becoming an LEO. It is full of humor but also has very serious qualities in it. Levi Powell complements the words with wonderful illustrations of the situations. Trooper Gregory allows you to relive some of his experiences of being one of North Carolina's best. For more information check out the book website at While you are there send Trooper Gregory an email. He is very good about answering any questions you might have very quickly! It is well worth the money and makes a great gift for LEOs of past, present and future. I strongly suggest this book to everyone. I am sure you will be able to identify with Bryan and some of the stories he has to tell us.

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