Gear: ASP Baton 26-inches & holder


ASP Baton 26-inches & holder

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ASP Baton collapsible with holder (also includes generic versions of the asp baton)

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  • Beamsjw01_max30
    jbeams, Sun, 14 Sep 2008 23:32:20 UTC.
    1st review

    I came up during the oak batons, then the neoprene batons, then the pl-24 side handle batons. Now the newest ones are the collapsible batons. Breaking arms and legs makes it easier, with steel.
    But that is not the point of the baton, it is an offensive as well as defensive weapon. When a sidearm is not a luxury to have, and you are facing an opponet with a ball bat, or a golf club, then the baton is handy. When taking down an unruly opponet, is necessary and not an option, an asp is ideal.
    I still prefer the pl-24 personally, as it can guard the forearms against an attack. But, the steel whip, will take a man off his feet in no time at all.

    here are the specs for the baton:
    ASP 26 inch Tactical Baton
    9.50" closed length
    25.60" expanded length
    ASP expandable tactical batons offer significant advantages over other intermediate force weapons:

    Easily carried and readily at hand Unparalleled psychological deterrence Low profile, improved public image Easily Maintained No sharp edges to abrade clothing or cut assailant Better balance than traditional impact weapons.
    Lifetime factory warranty.
    Black Chrome:
    A flat black finish is permanently manufactured onto the chrome and steel baton. Foam grip

    These are coated in a permanent flat black finish directly on to the steel.
    Thermoplastic grip,

    there are several types of baton holders:
    open top for easy accessibility or the web design with the wrap around secure strap. To hold the baton in place in case you have to run after someone.

    These nylon baton holders are made by a custom shop in California. Black nylon, heavy duty baton holder to accomodate ASP or Casco telescoping baton. The small size is 7.5 inches to fit a 16, 21, or 24 inch batons. It also fits the Stramlight Stinger line of flashlights. The large is 9.5 inches to fit the 26 inch. The belt loop is velcro'ed and adjustable as is the top flap.

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