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2006 Chevy Tahoe

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In a road test of the Chevy Tahoe, our editors found this SUV's interior impressive. The dashboard looks modern, switchgear operates elegantly and materials feel high-quality. Occupants have plenty of room to stretch out and the ride quality is comfortable. Noted downsides include the lack of a fold-flat third-row seat and a hefty curb weight that dulls handling, acceleration and fuel economy. Much of this commentary also holds true for the Tahoe's slightly more upscale twin, the GMC Yukon.

Member Reviews

  • Th_ninja_1__max30
    kelseyjoe, Sat, 23 Jun 2007 01:04:02 UTC.
    1st review

    jese you can take out a whole group of bad guys in this bad boy.

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  • Chevrolet_camaro_1__1993__max30
    ChuckyZ28, Fri, 29 Jun 2007 19:09:16 UTC.

    I don't have a Tahoe but I have a Yukon which is the same thing. Amazing is all I can say. My last car issued was a crown vic and those are great but this thing is huge. Plenty of room. Our K9 Officer has room for is dog and prisoners. Cant do that with a crown vic can ya.

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  • Kedra_max30
    AuxillaryOne, Sun, 12 Aug 2007 17:41:29 UTC.

    I recently saw an unmarked Tahoe driving down I-10. I wasn't sure if it was one, so I got a closer look. And yep, there I saw reb/blue strobe lights inside, spotlight, computer, and all the features of an unmarked vehicle. However, it had a regular license plate, not a G- or USGov plate. It must have been a fed or bp. Not sure though. But it sure did look nice.

    Kedra Hopkins

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  • 2012-10-14_15-49-09_546_max30
    LawdawgTRAV, Sun, 12 Aug 2007 22:39:00 UTC.

    These things are awesome. We don't have the police package here, just a civilian 4x4 turned cop machine and they are intimidating as hell in the rear view mirror. They lag on acceleration, but they are nice and roomy for tall cops, and all the gear we carry.

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  • Dsc_0014_normal_1__max30
    kalco251, Tue, 14 Aug 2007 19:53:22 UTC.

    The Tahoe is a very capable work vehicle. It does the job well for me. I carry a lot of equipment and there is room to spare. They could be a little faster, but it is fast enough in most situations.

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  • L_3d8729cb584c6d08a97440ef6c9bd1c1_max30
    SGTSRT, Fri, 17 Aug 2007 19:33:18 UTC.

    i love this tahoes. i think they are a lot better than the 05's! they have a lot more room and feel better when you are driving them. than and they look really mean with a brush guard on them

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  • Meangreen01_max30
    AZmeangreen, Sun, 19 Aug 2007 18:33:13 UTC.

    The '06 Tahoe is a decent ride, but it lacks the off road durability needed for more rural work. When used on a more off road basis, the Tahoe quickly loses it's grace and power. The standard shocks do nothing for your back. This vehicle will soon show it's lack of rough n' tumble durability once taken off the mean streets and put into God's country.

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Anonymous, Sun, 07 Oct 2007 02:15:26 UTC.

    Not a bad ride.. plenty of room for gear. Working as a K9 handler, it worries me that over the years the ground to kennel distance and angle may take it's toll on the dog.. I would have taken a crown vic, but not my choice...

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  • Wpe36370_max30
    LSpiveyA24, Mon, 08 Oct 2007 03:22:37 UTC.

    This is a much better improvement to the 2003 Tahoe. It is far more superior to the Dodge Durango for several reasons; ground clearance, retrofitting, and room.

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  • Photo_user_banned_big
    wusmc1833, Wed, 10 Oct 2007 08:17:43 UTC.

    Nice patrol vehicle for my area near the beach, the 4X4 is great when driving on the beach..not suited for all agencies..Comfortable ride.

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  • Superman_max30
    jskinner_2033, Sun, 14 Oct 2007 12:05:59 UTC.

    A great K9 Unit but I wouldn't use it for regular patrol purposes.

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  • Chicago_police_max30
    jojo_g, Wed, 31 Oct 2007 03:31:36 UTC.


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  • Cop_on_cop_junior_m1_max30
    IPCOP, Mon, 10 Dec 2007 10:38:12 UTC.

    I drive the GMC Yukon, the twin to the Tahoe, its the civilian 4x4 version, its an ok vehicle does great off road, has plenty of room for us taller cops, but the aceleration sucks! top speed sucks! overall I pleased with it, just with GM would do some more R and D and make em alittle more zippy, or maybe we just need the police package, but we have to have 4 wheel drive where I work, 2 wheel dont cut it in the winter.

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  • Img_7213bcb_max30
    usk9af, Wed, 09 Jan 2008 02:38:18 UTC.

    Had one of these for a K9 vehicle. Had plenty of room for two dogs and gear. All in all had decent turning radius and was good off road. Other than that really was not much that could be said.

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  • Our_pics_036_max30
    mnswathopefull, Tue, 22 Jan 2008 03:52:29 UTC.

    I have driven alot of tahoes and suburbans. I like the stability and power. Rides comfortable and I like the fact that I might have achance to drive one as a LEO.

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  • L_619e8ca69a7c59e098b89b504e9bb6fe_max30
    LlndFoxMan, Mon, 03 Mar 2008 17:30:03 UTC.

    This is where i'm headed! Hopefully i be driving one someday! The best on the Road!

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  • 014_max30
    securetexas, Wed, 12 Mar 2008 05:22:21 UTC.

    While I drive a Z-71 pick up now, this is the best...

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  • Thin_blue_max30
    localfuzz, Wed, 02 Apr 2008 01:01:48 UTC.

    I have one of the 2007 tahoes for my personal vehicle, and it is the best thing I have ever owned what a piece of machinery!

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  • Newpatch_sq90_max30
    JIMROC, Thu, 03 Apr 2008 00:30:09 UTC.

    A lot of room inside, but a little top heavy at high speed.

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  • Knight_31_max30
    CadaverCanine, Mon, 05 May 2008 19:42:29 UTC.

    About a year ago the Sheriff outfitted the K-9 teams with the Chevy Tahoe’s. It’s a nice vehicle which enables us to respond to a crime scene which may be off the beaten path. During an arrest situation, I can now transport the prisoner in the rear with a separate cage instead of having to call for a transport unit. I really enjoy this vehicle.

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  • 1329326070_m_max30
    rkass58, Tue, 13 May 2008 12:23:39 UTC.

    Good Car

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    BLUEOFWATER, Tue, 15 Jul 2008 03:34:17 UTC.


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  • 2011-09-25_2017
    tx45, Fri, 22 Aug 2008 22:08:14 UTC.

    I relly like this vehicle and hope it will be my next assigned vehicle. I drive a 02 Expidition now. Ive got my fingers crossed, legs, eyes, etc.....

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  • Remember_max160_max160_max30
    Rck, Sun, 31 Aug 2008 04:00:58 UTC.

    great patrol vehicle, just hard on fuel, but for all intensive purposes it is the only one I would choose if I had the choice.

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  • L_75efda7422acdf47e605f20efe4d526b_max30
    DJW739, Fri, 12 Sep 2008 20:58:39 UTC.

    I love these things, fast, lots of cabin space, rugged, reliable, what more could you ask for in a patrol vehicle.

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  • 1_ass_to_risk-299x366_max30
    DevilDog_JW, Sat, 20 Sep 2008 06:53:15 UTC.

    great acceleration. i love this thing.

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Anonymous, Mon, 22 Sep 2008 15:30:31 UTC.

    Really good off road vehicle. The only problem is the clearance height. Handling on mountain roads at speeds is just fine. A better bet than the Expedition.

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  • Mr_speeder_max600_max30
    cjkollhoff, Thu, 25 Sep 2008 21:25:57 UTC.

    I carry a lot of equipment and there is room to spare. They could be a little faster, but it is fast enough in most situations. No problems with this vehicle yet and has over 70,000 miles on it.

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  • React_max30
    REACT399, Tue, 30 Sep 2008 14:53:01 UTC.

    I have a 2001 Tahoe, love the thing. Though...the Gas mileage sucks. It is very intimidating. The only problems I have had, were mounting my spectra's. Had to make a custom box for them. and just the water pump, no biggie

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  • Img_7567_max30
    wonderwoman66, Thu, 09 Oct 2008 21:38:22 UTC.

    I didnt see a post for the '08 Tahoe but I love mine! I drove an '07 last year and thought it was great until I got used to the '08. The seats are bigger, roomier, quick acceleration and comfortable. My dept put permanent storage cases in the rear compartment to store the usual street stuff which is nice in case everything goes "flying"....

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  • Webb_max30
    coswebb, Sun, 19 Oct 2008 11:15:57 UTC.

    i want this more than the charger

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  • In_remembrance_of_oakland_pd_max160_max30
    slone65, Mon, 20 Oct 2008 05:49:11 UTC.

    I would love to have this

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  • Sps_badge_max30
    Glen603, Wed, 05 Nov 2008 17:05:40 UTC.

    My Dept. has an '04 Tahoe. This has been the most dependable vehicle we have ever had. It is on the road 24/7. We are a small agency on a campus. LOTS of in and out of the vehicle. This is the first SUV where we haven't had to replace or even repair the driver's door and have only replaced the seat cushion once. Our campus is rural and requires aggressive tires. Because of the slow driving and turning (rarely over 25 MPH) we have to rotate the tires every oil change. It has a high profile which adds to our presence. Great truck.

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Anonymous, Sun, 09 Nov 2008 15:43:41 UTC.

    We have the 2008 Tahoe. It is nice but when you are off roading the back end slides around a little bit. But other than that it's great...

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  • Policelinkbadge_max160_max160_max160_max160_max160_max30
    NAHSONHOYA, Wed, 12 Nov 2008 23:05:18 UTC.

    it ranks this high because of the design and how much room it hasand the storage space.

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  • Batman_max600_1__max30
    gudercop, Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:25:06 UTC.

    We are thinking of getting a couple of 08's or 09's and I was wondering if they were any good as far as acceleration and handling. Please let us know. thanks and be safe.

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  • Botset_m_max30
    CPD087, Sat, 29 Nov 2008 11:24:05 UTC.

    I have been issued a 2005 Tahoe and I really enjoy it. It handles well and has a short turning radius. My personal vehicle is a 2000 Suburban and the Tahoe is just a short version of that. I like the larger vehicle with more interior room to pack gear or haul passengers.

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  • Dsc_0524_max30
    cpowell5266, Wed, 03 Dec 2008 21:48:17 UTC.

    Very good vehicle. I would recommend it for all command officer since we have to carry almost everything including the kitchen sink.

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  • Hpim0183_max30
    COPSNROBBERS, Thu, 18 Dec 2008 16:52:21 UTC.

    Not exactly the ideal patrol unit, prone to roll-over, however, the interior room and user friendly features make this unit very comforatable. Very useful for field supervisors and narcotics as we carry a little bit of everything. Biggest dislike, no cup holders.

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  • 2102206800014386084lqsnip_ph_max30
    DoD102, Thu, 01 Jan 2009 02:20:33 UTC.

    This is an awesome car. In 27 years on the job it is by far the best cruiser I've been in. If they were not so expensive I'd buy one for personal use.

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  • Pl_mourning_badge_max160_sq90_1__max160_max50_max30
    mike_garms, Sun, 04 Jan 2009 15:40:32 UTC.

    can u imagin how many criminals you can gently place in here

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Anonymous, Sat, 31 Jan 2009 11:47:37 UTC.

    My first Tahoe was an issued 2004 Chevy Tahoe 4x4. That has been replaced with my new 2008 Chevy Tahoe 4x4. Both are great vehicles. Better than any cars I have had in the past. Ok, well my first patrol car was a 1973 Plymouth Fury 440 - That did run a little faster.

    They order ours fully loaded, which makes it nice riding around for 8 or 10 hours. As a patrol supervisor, my 2004 did not have a cage which made it even nicer. However in my 2008 Tahoe they put twin cages in, one behind the front seat and one behind the rear seat so any prisoners are caged between the two cages, protects the cargo area.

    Ours have always been 4 wheel drive, but 2009 the guys are getting the 2 wheel drive pursuit Tahoe, so we will see what they do.

    But yes, the Chevy Tahoe is a great patrol car. Other than the 1973 Plymouth Fury 440 Interceptor I had when I was a rookie, I would recommend the Chevy Tahoe for a patrol car.

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  • Gun_max600_max30
    BCDeputy2006, Fri, 19 Jun 2009 00:17:14 UTC.

    Never drove one but would love to have it for patrol!

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  • Lone_ranger_max30
    twoliver, Wed, 09 Sep 2009 23:22:29 UTC.

    Best squad I ever had. handles good and had sooooo much room, that is more important than most people realize. With all of the equiptment we have to carry it was a blessing.

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  • Booth_902_max30
    lbooth, Mon, 09 Nov 2009 01:40:35 UTC.

    It is an all around excellent vehicle. I drive one on patrol everyday and it out runs, and out handles the crown vic 10 to 1

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  • Dsc_2872_max30
    Punisher81, Thu, 26 Nov 2009 08:12:46 UTC.

    Great vehicle..

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    avonsister, Wed, 02 Dec 2009 01:55:08 UTC.

    The Chevy Tahoe police package is one of the best I have had the pleasure of driving. It is not top heavy. Turns on a dime.

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  • Denny_bw_max30
    Major_B, Mon, 11 Jan 2010 15:29:09 UTC.

    Low on horsepower, plus it is a High Center of Gravity Vehicle.

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Anonymous, Wed, 15 Sep 2010 02:28:21 UTC.

    Love to have one of these

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  • Me2_max30
    bstites, Thu, 07 Oct 2010 20:14:25 UTC.

    Very nice ride. Have a BEAST engine in them. The only bad thing is the back end is light and the front end is heavy. But overall, sick ride...

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  • Imag1845-1_max30
    Ak92, Thu, 01 Dec 2011 20:02:05 UTC.

    Not a jeep but it'll do! Haha.

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  • 192409-thumbnail_sq90_max30
    lanier38345, Mon, 12 Mar 2012 17:46:35 UTC.

    These cars aren't made for speed chases.

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