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brotherhood of warriors

Aaron Cohen
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Aaron Cohen goes from being a pampered Beverly Hills slacker youth to a hardened, kick-ass Israeli Special Ops warrior in this engaging book. Goodbye 90210, hello Black Ops.Cohen traces the path of his personal transformation and his iron will desire to survive the rigors of the brutal training program that one must endure in order to become a counter-terrorism operative in the Israeli special forces. The experience is so intense, however, that after about three years Cohen gets burned out and opts not to extend his service. Instead, he returns to Beverly Hills and starts up his own security service. Here, he closes his book with observations and criticisms of the American approach to security and lessons that the US should have learned after 9/11/ Cohen - who on the cover bears an uncanny resemblance to Michael Imperioli (Christopher) on "The Sopranos" - offers further reflections on some of the moral dilemmas in risking the lives of children and non-combatants in the fight against terrorism. It also raises questions as to how long even the most motivated can sustain an operational tempo at the pace expected by Israel's Duvdevan. A must read for warriors. If you are a fan of military books or special operations, you will enjoy "Brotherhood of Warriors."

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