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Behind the badge in Atchafalaya Swamp
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Nestled in the bayous and swamps of Louisiana is a small parish in southwestern Louisiana. Welcome to the Atchafalaya Swamp Police Department. where Lt. Kevan Noelie “Sweetie-pie” Estopinal, who at the age of twenty-three, this Cajun beauty stood five foot four and 120 pounds in full dress uniform. With her bedroom blue eyes, Noelie gets the attention of many. Noelie “Sweetie-pie” or “Sweets” as she is called, was raised in the shadows of her twin brother. A Louisiana State Trooper, Kevinn Peter Estopinal, Jr., stands five foot eleven with broad shoulders, a massive chest, and is called “Ace.” Kevinn and Noelie were raised by their stepfather, Paul Estopinal, who has taken care of them since the tender age of 2. . His brother, Fire Chief Kevinn Peter Estopinal, and his wife and newborn child were killed in a Category 4 hurricane that tore through the bayou twenty-two years earlier and ripped several parishes apart. They now live in the family’s plantation in Atchafalaya which not only survived a hurricane in the 1830s when it was known as Attakapas County Territory of Orleans, but the Civil War and Hurricane Dakota in 1962. Berthelot Plantation is a gracious manor with all of its land, and it’s the biggest in southwestern Louisiana. Sweetie-pie is the apple of her little brother’s eyes, only to have a stepfather who grieved for his baby girl who was lost that awful day, too. Sweetie-pie paid the price for living. I refer to my stepfather as Paul, because he is cold towards me. Only ice was colder. After a rough childhood, the children followed in the family’s tradition of law enforcement. Names, places, and incidents have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. I became the first female in the department’s history, at the age of twenty-two. I am the youngest lieutenant. When we were young, they were called the four Atchafalaya bears—Kevinn, Bryan, Hoss and me. We were all children orphaned by Hurricane Dakota. Since a very young age, Hoss and I were childhood sweethearts. As we both grew older and together, Hoss holds the key to my heart. Joseph Hoss Carroll stands six foot two and weighs 250 pounds. He’s a man of steel. I call him Hoss because when we were little, he loved wild horses. He never seemed so large to me until one day he emerged out of the bayou after a rescue dive in his Neoprene orange dive suit. He looked huge. In this story, you will see the spirit of these two adults with the passion of the bayou—a passion that was born one hot humid July 4 night. That day’s struggles would test their courage, and when tragedy strikes it will tear them apart again

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    What a Nail Bitter
    Review date: 5/12/2008

    This book is outstanding! What a nail kept me on the edge of my seat! I couldn't put it down! DeeDee Serpas is the next great writer. Her novel is heartfelt and lovingly written. You feel as though you really know the they are your friends and co-workers, like you've known them for years. Can't wait for the next book in the series.


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