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Two uniquely-constructed mesh pockets securely hold back-up gear up close, personal, and out of sight, while the mesh over-shoulder supports prevent sagging. Antimicrobial moisture wicking comfort and performance. Unbeatable workmanship includes flat-lock Features: Two hidden mesh pockets with vertical openings Mesh over-shoulder supports 80% polyester/20% Spandex Anti-microbial Moisture-wicking Quick-drying Colors: (03) Black; (11) White; Men's Sizes:

Member Reviews

  • M_b8e8d43331ca5ead2d35bf718d056633_max30
    Dave_B, Tue, 07 Aug 2007 05:12:33 UTC.
    1st review

    nice i like the look

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  • Sam_at_hoggys_e_max30
    Perry404, Mon, 20 Aug 2007 22:30:52 UTC.

    I have this shirt in the white, crew neck version (it comes in a V-neck as well). I have not had it for long, so I'm hoping things will improve a bit with a couple of washings. Initially, my impression was that the shirt was extremely itchy in the areas where the reinforced material is present (over the shoulders to support the weight of the weapon). Again, I'm hoping this might lessen as I wash it a few more times.

    Things I like:

    -The shirt is quite comfortable to wear, aside from the itchy areas I just referenced above.

    -The white material that completely covers your weapon. This is handy when wearing a white business shirt. It eliminates the possibility of your nice, black weapon showing a dark shadow through the business shirt. The material is also thick enough to effectively prevent the weapon "printing" from pressure against the shirt when leaning or reaching for an object. My UnderCoverComfort concealment shirt could use this little feature.

    -The vertical carry position. Carrying my weapon vertically under my arm provides more comfort and ability to conceal the weapon (for me anyway) because my overall movement can be more natural.

    Things I don't like:
    -I'm using this shirt to carry a Glock 36. The weapon basically just kind of "plops" down into the gun pocket and is not held very securely at all. Additionally, my Glock rests very, very low. WAAY to low for me. I'm running into issues with the barrel of my weapon wanting to rest OVER my beltline. I'm also concerned that pretty much all the gun's weight rests at that specific point (the tip of the barrel/front sight) inside the shirt. I'm guessing this will eventually lead to the shirt wearing out at that spot, but it's too early to tell at the moment. Realistically, I see this wearing out VERY soon.

    -Only two small points of velcro to hold the gun pocket closed. I understand this from the "access to the weapon" point of view, but the gun isn't held securely enough within the shirt... and it works its way between those velcro closures. Within a short time, I see those two little squares of velcro letting go against the weight of the grip trying to get out... and my weapon bouncing around inside my dress shirt.

    The concept is good, the basic ideas are on the money, but I'd really love to see the "second generation" of this shirt with all the bugs worked out. There really needs to be some form of holding the weapon in place, close to the body, inside the pocket. I WANT to like this shirt, but I'm looking for some design changes before I purchase another.

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  • Kid-finger_max30
    mburgess, Mon, 28 Jan 2008 14:14:59 UTC.

    I have one of these. My intentions was to have something comfortable to wear as concealment during the summer. I found that the seams on this shirt dig into my skin and it can became very uncomfortable. I should have gotten a size bigger I guess. Also, the holster area is a different fabric. and awkward to wear.

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  • Casey_max30
    tlwinkles379, Mon, 03 Mar 2008 15:10:11 UTC.

    I wear this shirt occassionally and it is ok for a small, lightweight pistol. A baby Glock is a little large for the shirt.

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  • 27436_100000740479488_3845_q_max30
    brooks125, Wed, 18 Jun 2008 05:22:08 UTC.

    I bought this to carry my .380 Mustang in the warmer months. It works great and holds the smaller pistol well. I really do forget that it's there at times, unlike most waist holsters. Best side-benefit? I don't have to do anything with it when I use the restroom!

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Anonymous, Wed, 18 Jun 2008 18:35:32 UTC.

    It's alright

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