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Magnetic Bullet Holes

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Subcategory: Gag Gifts
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YOUR CAR TRUCK OR MOTORCYCLE WILL BE INSTANTLY THE TALK OF THE TOWN!! These Magnetic Bullet Holes look way too real! Easy to apply or remove they will attract looks everywhere you go. You can concoct all sorts of elaborate stories about near death experiences, escapes from the hood, or car jacking tales. You have to get within about two feet before you notice they aren't real. These Magnetic Bullet Holes are also great for gags on your unsuspecting friends' vehicles. "Oh my GOD look at your new car some one has shot it several times." Then just stand back and watch, but have a camera handy because the facial expressions are unreal! Please do not put on police or sheriffs' cars, as they really get mad! Have more fun than you can imagine and order your own 6-pack of Magnetic Bullet Holes today!

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