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Manufacture d'armes de ST Etienne
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The FA-MAS was designed and accepted to replace the MAS Modele 49 rifle. The FA-MAS system implements a plethora of modern engineering practices that have gone on to make it a well-respected military assault rifle. The FA-MAS features a built-in hand grip extending for most of the length of the weapon, a built-in bi-pod for sustained firing, and a bullpup configuration resulting in a shorter overall length. The cocking handle is ambidextrously placed on top of the weapon, just underneath the carrying handle, so the user does not need to remove his firing hand from the trigger handle when cocking the weapon. The system as a whole is small enough to be useful to airborne elements such as paratroopers. A bayonet can be fitted above the barrel for close-quarters self-defense combat. The FA-MAS utilizes a French brand of the 5.56mm NATO round but can still fire M16-type round/magazine without modification. The base system fires from a curved 25-round detachable box cartridge. The overall system is substantially (10 inches) shorter than the American M16 rifle. FAMAS stands for Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de St-Etienne (Assault Rifle by St-Etienne Arms Factory - a member of the French govt. owned GIAT Industries concern). Development of this rifle began in 1967, under the leadership of the Paul Tellie, a French arms designer. This new rifle was intended to replace in service the MAS Mle.49/56 semi-automatic rifles, MAT-49 submachine guns and some MAC Mle.1929 light machine guns. First FAMAS prototype had been built in 1971. French military began to test this rifle in 1972-73, but, in the meantime, France adopted a Swiss-designed SIG SG-540 5.56mm assault rifle as an intermediate solution. FAMAS rifle was adopted by the French in 1978 and since then became a standard French Army shoulder fired small arm, known among the French soldiers as "Le Clairon" (the bulge). According to the Janes Infantry Weapons 2000, the total number of FAMAS F1 rifles built is estimated at 400 000, and the production of the F1 variant is now completed. It is still used by the French army, and was exported in small numbers to some countries like the Senegal or United Arab Emirates. Since then, the GIAT Industries developed an improved version of the F1, known as the G1. This rifle featured an enlarged trigger guard, that covered a whole hand, and a slightly improved plastic handguards. G1 was an intermediate design, and was consequently replaced by the latest production model, the FAMAS G2, which appeared circa 1994. This rifle has the G1-style enlarged trigger guard but can accept only STANAG type (M16-compatible) magazines. It was adopted and purchased by the French Navy in the 1995, with the French Army soon following the suit, and also offered for export. At the present time the slightly upgraded FAMAS G2 rifle is used as a platform for the future FELIN system (a French counterpart to the US "Land Warrior" programme), which incorporates a various electronic sights and sensors, connected to the soldier

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