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Water Filter - Aquastar Plus

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AQUASTAR PLUS!™ UV WATER PURIFIER Safe, Quick, Economical, and Chemical-Free! Ultraviolet irradiation is an effective method for eradicating bacteria and viruses in water and air purification systems. Now this proven technology is available to everyone in a safe, portable, complete system in a 1-liter drink bottle. Costs less than 10¢ per liter over the life of the lamp! Simply fill the bottle with water, screw on the cap, and press a button to begin the purification cycle. In just over a minute, the water is safe and ready to drink. For use with clear water. Pre-strain with coffee filter or handkerchief if water is cloudy. Also includes a separate, low power “lantern mode” LED. Two clicks on the button will produce 15 minutes of bright, white light.

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