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Category: Officer Safety Products
Subcategory: Less Than Lethal Force
Price: $ 450.00
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Package Comes With: 1 x T68 Gen4 marker (.68 caliber) 1 x Internal Flexi Air System 1 x M4 Style Hand guard and Site 1 x 14" Tactical Barrel 1 x Magazine Kit 1 x 18 Rounds Detachable Magazine 1 x M4 Detachable Carry Handle with Iron Sight 1 x M4 Style Charging Handle 1 x Year Warranty There are 9 different air options to choose from: Option 2: Your marker comes with a 14" Tactical barrel, you can upgrade your barrel to rifled version for better performance. Option 3: With this 200 rounds hopper adaptor and you can change out your magazine fed marker to use a hopper Option 4: This kit comes with all the o-rings to completely rebuilt your marker Option 5: This tool kit has all the tools for you to service your marker Option 6: Extend your manufacture warranty to 3 years Option 7: Add additional magazines to your package Option 8: Add a hard cover carrying case to protect your marker. This is an excellent storage case. Option 9: Additional 5oz cylinder to your package

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  • Detectivegregg1995_max30
    kcozart, Sat, 05 Apr 2008 04:00:13 UTC.
    1st review

    These are the newest Tactical Markers out. And with multiple options. And loaded with PAVA pepper balls, rubber balls, Inert powder they are an effective tool in Less Lethal Force.

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