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Ameriglo Ghost ring sights

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Ghost ring sights for your pistol

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  • Beddoe_ega_line_max30
    brad0351, Wed, 02 Apr 2008 23:18:23 UTC.
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    Being in the Marines for eight years I became accustomed to the ghost ring sights of the M16A2. After the academy I purchased a Glock 22 from GT Distributors in Austin, TX. There I discovered the Ameriglo Ghost Ring sights for pistol. My natural instinct from years of training made an easy transition from the stock Glock sights I used in the academy. I find target acquistion easier and accuracy improved with the sights (it may have been because of the new gun and loads of practice on my part). The tritium lines up just like tri-dots and if you are used to using Ghost Rings you will naturally be used to using them. Yes, the front sight post does fit into most holsters (Foubus is excluded, the muzzle sticks out past the end of the holster and the front sight post catches and you cannot draw the weapon quickly from a concealed carry). Safariland holsters work fine and I have never caught the front sight post on a draw. A good piece of gear for those used to ghost rings

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