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Crime Scenes by Gina Gallo

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Brace yourself for Crime Scenes, a collection of stories about the police experience, the street, and both ends of the smoking gun. A cop since 1982, author Gina Gallo has 'walked the walk' in uniform and undercover through Chicago's tough inner city West Side. Guns, gangs, narcotics, and prostitutes are all part of the business du jour in Gallo's world, re-created here in searing images. These gritty tales, as told through the eyes of cops, criminals, and victims, are alternately shocking, heartbreaking, and humorous--a rare cop's-eye view of what's beyond the crime scene tape. Smell the gunpowder, taste the fear, and feel the wide pounding of your own tripping pulse. "I'm ready for whatever comes. Dressed to thrill in blood-red silk, deep as the heart of darkness that exposes my pale skin and bright, ripe promise--both of which might be broken later tonight. He can do that. Diablo is a greedy devil who uses his powers to suit his needs. His desires will orchestrate our dance, though it's my insistence that brings me here, and keeps me waiting... Yet even in this fetid darkness, I know that there are angels around. No undercover cop works without backup, and mine are at this bar, lurking in the shadows. But I'm the designated offering, the bait. Waiting for the man who calls himself Diablo to walk through the door."

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