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Beretta 950 Jetfire

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Type: Beretta 950 Jetfire Trigger system: Single-action only Caliber: .25 ACP Capacity: 8 rounds magazine, 9 rounds if first chambered Frame material: Aluminium light alloy Slide and barrel material: Carbon steel Grip material: Plastic Barrel length: 60 mm Length: 120 mm Height: 87 mm Width: 23 mm Mass: 280 g Safeties: none Magazine release: Lower grip heel pushbutton. Production years: 1953 - present day. Production locations: Beretta Italy, Beretta USA

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  • 33902715_max30
    Poop_Clown, Fri, 22 Feb 2008 17:59:22 UTC.
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    Great back up gun. I used to carry it in my pocket, and I knew I could retrieve it even if someone was on top of me beating my brains in. I used to sew a piece of denim into my pocket liner, so the gun would not wear a whole in the pocket. It made me feel nice and secure. Also, it is great off duty. Fits into a pocket, and it is nice and light. No one will see it. Although it does not have much punch, it does hold 9 rounds, and 9 rounds to the face has gotta hurt!

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  • 582412_max30
    the_davemyster, Wed, 12 Mar 2008 02:34:51 UTC.

    I am currently on my 2nd Jetfire, but only because I "got stupid" and sold my 1st one. After trying a bevy of other small guns, I relialized it had been a mistake to sell that little gem, so I found another one that I bought used (as had been my 1st one). Both my Jetfires have been extremely reliable; and 9 shots in a package this tiny and with this accuracy level is nothing to sneeze at. I filed the sights on my 2nd Jetfire to make the sight picture a bit more "square." I have shot groups of an inch at 20 feet with this gun. So, reliable and accurate. How about power? Well, I once shot a 160 pound boar with my .308, but it was wounded, not dead, and heading for the woods. I went to shoot it with my Ruger .22 mag single six, but I realized I had left that in my truck, and I didn't want to use the .308 again (too much meat destruction), so I pulled my Jetfire out of my pocket, and shot the boar twice in the head. Actually, once would have been enough, but I fired twice because so many people have told me, "25s have not much power." Upon dressing the animal, I found both rounds had penetrated both sides of the skull (regular Fiocci .25 full metal jacket 50 grain ammo). Hence, in my estimation, anyone who tells me that a .25 "can't do any damage" has never shot anything with a .25. =)
    This guns beats many others in that I can always have it in my front pocket in a small Uncle Mikes holster (sidekick, size 2), while still giving the appearance of not being armed. I carry mine everywhere; and if I were a cop, I'd carry it as a backup, or a backup to my backup. =>

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  • Wpns_table_max30
    Bulldog136, Fri, 27 Mar 2009 03:47:24 UTC.

    I love this little gun, most durable .25 I've ever seen. The grips could be just a little smaller for CCW, but they make for a more comfortable shooting grip.

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