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Shattered Hopes

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Marriage, Murder, Corruption and Cover-Up. In 1982 Dianne Masters, the estranged wife of a suburban Chicago lawyer, was murdered. Her husband, Alan, was somewhat sleazy: he was a "fixer" with ties to the underworld and influence over many police officers and judges, secured by bribes. Physically abusive and obsessed with controlling his wife, he was furious to learn that she had taken a lover and planned to divorce him. He hired two police officers to kill her, but, according to Schaaf ( Mr. Dooley's Chicago ), murdered her himself, and the cops disposed of her body in a nearby canal. Because of Alan's connections, the three were not brought to trial until 1989. They were convicted of soliciting and arranging the murder and given long prison sentences. Even more disheartening than this case, covered so interestingly and effectively here, is the wider implication which, Schaaf notes, has not been resolved: "It would be satisfying to write that the . . . corruption and criminal activity revealed during the Masters trial resulted in a cleanup of the system, but it would be untrue."

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    leomemorial, Tue, 29 Jan 2008 01:54:24 UTC.
    1st review

    A fantastic book that will keep you capitvated from start to finish.

    This story was so compelling, that it was made into a movie: "Deadly Matrimony" starring Brian Dennehy as the famous Cook County (Illinois) Detective.

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