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Model 4501 – Pocket Change™ is the perfect solution if you want to carry your weapon in a quality pocket holster. In fact, with certain dress requirements there is no other comfortable or convenient way to carry your back up firearm. This design features a rubberized grip material on the holster front so it stays in your pocket while the draw is accomplished simply and easily. With minimal bulk and a smooth front that does not show the shape of the gun, it's the perfect combination of accessibility, comfort, and concealment.

Member Reviews

  • Frank_at_work_max30
    gruntdeputy, Fri, 25 Jan 2008 18:42:32 UTC.
    1st review

    Bianchi Model 4501 – Pocket Change

    The purpose of a pocket holster is to 1) corneal the weapon and 2) hold it in position in the pocket. As for the first task this holster DOES NOT satisfy my requirement for concealment. Inside the front pocket of my jeans not only does this holster not break up the lines of the pistol, but it broadcasts that I was carrying a weapon and the brand and model as well. What it did do was hold the weapon in the desired position. The only use I have found for this holster so far is when I put it the inside ‘map pocket’ of a leather flight jacket, where the exterior patch pocket helps to conceal the pistol.

    I searched the Internet and found that pocket holsters come in 3 price categories: $11-$25, $35-$70 and $85-$120+. This model from Bianchi’s Ranger line was in the first category.

    If you have a need for a pocket holster for routine use, I would strongly recommend that you invest in the $35-$70 price range of holsters. If you carry daily, and especially if you desire “deep concealment,” I would strongly recommend investing in the $85-and-up category. However, if you carry your weapon inside a purse or briefcase, or inside a heavy jacket, this pocket holster might work well enough to satisfy you, and for less than $15.

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