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Troll Lure

Troll Hunters Inc.
Category: Duty & Tactical Gear
Subcategory: Tactical Equipment
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Do you worry about Trolls lurking around every corner? Are those pesky Badge Bunnies always trying to pounce on you from the bushes? With our new Troll Lure, you can easily flush the critters out of hiding. Originally designed for police Segways, these devices are compact, easily portable, and simple to use. After adding fresh batteries (included with order), place the strobe in the location that you which to attract the Trolls. Run the activation switch to your hiding spot and activate the lights. The bright blue and red strobes should instantly alert any nearby Trolls and have them come slinking in. If you desire faster results, use the attached police siren (wail, high-low, and chirp functions only). The Troll Lure can also double as Badge Bunny Bait! Often times Badge Bunnies will be attracted to the Troll Lure first, making it even easier to attract Trolls. When used along with Troll Trap, Troll Club, and/or Troll Whacking Staff, the results are amazing! ******No Trolls or Badge Bunnies were harmed in the production or testing of Troll Lure, so PETA can stop leaving us threatening messages now******

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