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Why use Full Power to read maps, navigate or do night tasks when only 25% does what you need and more? Extend the operational battery life of expensive Lithium batteries by using the energy you need for various tasks. Convert your regular tactical lights Miser Tail Cap Intelligent IQ Switch Upgrade Functions: Tested with Surefire Lithium Batteries Quick Press - 100% 2nd Press - 50% 3rd Press - 25% 4th Press Emergency Fast Flash 5th Press Emergency

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  • Mli_bb_max30
    Lawdog1911, Thu, 18 Oct 2007 23:40:29 UTC.
    1st review

    Saves bats like crazy!! Its the shit!!

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  • S_e3a5e933e10e921a69c8f078f8ac09ff_max30
    Big_Spence, Thu, 19 Feb 2009 23:51:17 UTC.

    Exactly what a Surefire flashlight needs. Great product that's worth paying for.

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    1dash1, Mon, 11 May 2009 18:08:16 UTC.

    I was surprised at how well the switch worked. The three output levels are great. High seems the same as stock. Low is not too low. And medium is spaced just right, in between low and high. As expected, there is a color tint shift with lower output levels. High is much whiter than low. (Note: Although most would prefer a whiter tint, the warmer tint of the low beam actually helps to preserve your night vision - similar to using a red light.)

    The two strobe modes also fit for my needs. The slow strobe is a good locator beacon. The fast strobe is perfect for an emergency flasher (not the frenzied superfast strobes that other manufacturers favor).

    I was somewhat worried about the 15-minute time limit of the auto-off function, since my night walks typically run 2 hours. Fortunately, this hasn't been a problem because I change modes often enough that the flashlight never has a chance to turn itself off. (I use low to conserve batteries; switch to medium because of competing ambient lighting from passing cars, street lights, etc.; and switch to high whenever crossing streets or whenever something interesting catches my attention.)

    The fit and finish details are first rate. The threading, knurling, anodization, lettering, and mechanical details appear flawless. And the tailswitch is an absolute joy to operate. All in all, the tailcap is very well designed and well executed.

    Two thumbs up!!

    P.S. A word of advice. The tailcap consumes about 0.1a @ 0.4v (0.04W) while in the off position. I use my flashliight every day, so this amounts to an insignificant drain. However, if your flashlight is sitting in a drawer, I'd suggest locking the tailcap out by unscrewing it a quarter-turn.

    P.P.S. This product was reviewed with an UltraFIre C1 with a bright 15W incan drop-in (DX SKU#03218) running on 2xAW protected RCR123's. Anecdotal reports that I've read confirm that the Lightsaver Miser also works for 3.0-3.7v incandescent applications, but performance is better on 6.0-7.4 applications. I would suggest that buyers keep this in mind.

    As to LED applications, reports are mixed - even for the same setup, some users have reported that the tailcap works fine, others say that the tailcap doesn't work at all. The product descriiption clearly states: "Incandescent bulb flashlights Only", so if you intend on using this for your LED flashlight, do not be surprised if it doesn't work.

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