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Compact and cost effective: Combines high intensity torch of the M3 with military-proven visible laser technology. Four-position Mode Selector switch plus patented Slide-LockTM mounting design allow mission-specific operation across a variety of tactical ,Features: Fits Mil-Std 1913, Universal, or Rail Grabber Tungsten halogen, xenon-filled lamp Range 35m 90+ lm peak output Four-position mode-selector switch Uses two lithium 123 batteries (not incl.) Run time: 60

Member Reviews

  • 100_3997_max30
    CJones, Tue, 24 Apr 2007 12:17:46 UTC.
    1st review

    This is a piece of equipment I believe any law enforcement officer in the field should be issued. it is easy to use even for a left handed person! Kind of pricey but worth every penny.

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  • Img_1471_max30
    NAPDK9, Mon, 16 Jul 2007 04:58:59 UTC.

    I love this light. It should be standard issue to all K-9 officers. It's kind of hard to hold a gun, leash and flashlight at the same time.

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  • Photo_user_banned_big
    sgtroush, Mon, 16 Jul 2007 05:44:50 UTC.

    NAPDK9......oh really......but you dont have a problem holding a beer, cigar and some hot chick while the same time.......who loves ya man

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  • Big_dog_pd_max30
    SPSGT11, Sat, 18 Aug 2007 10:52:43 UTC.

    Any one that has had to clear a multi floor dwelling or a large warehouse will be surprised when you switch from the traditonal flashlight carry to this. All I can say is wow! Downside is when using the light your indexing the target with the barrel requires absolute discipline in finger off the trigger. It is easy to zero and the red laser dot after how I have seen suspects give up after the taser dot may make them submit before forcing a deadly force encounter.

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  • Range_with_q_051_max30
    napd284, Sat, 15 Sep 2007 10:01:57 UTC.

    Your right CJones.... EVERY officer should be issued one! As a firearms instructor for our department this was a must have item. I have owned since they came out and love it.

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  • Pig_max30
    TCBaumer1, Mon, 17 Sep 2007 16:26:16 UTC.


    I love the fact as others have that the red dot in the dark, leaves them thinking it's a taser and they tend to relax a little.

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  • Somegiveall_max160_max30
    Saint_Michael, Sat, 09 Feb 2008 02:52:30 UTC.

    I love this light I have it on a Glock 23C it definently helps out with recovering from recoil and also very bright. I have nothing but problems with the laser I can't zero it in so I have it on for intemidation purposes but I never aim from it.

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  • Img_1288_max30
    rghstkcwby, Tue, 01 Apr 2008 01:28:27 UTC.

    nice lil product

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  • Me_prone_max30
    Cujocop, Sun, 20 Apr 2008 21:21:01 UTC.

    Excellent under barrel light and the laser has many times prevented incidents from escalating. Lasers do however present a false sense of security in a fight.

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  • 40790844d_max30
    BPNovum, Wed, 19 Nov 2008 15:59:28 UTC.

    I use this product on my Springfield XD 45. It is an outstanding tool for night ops. Switching from light to laser or both is easily accomplished. And the functionality of the light/laser control makes this an outstanding tool.

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Anonymous, Wed, 03 Dec 2008 14:57:48 UTC.

    Another great product from Surefire. I had this on my stainless Sig 220 and it was pretty mean looking. I used it in the academy for the night shoot and it was great. The laser didn't really help me too much but it's all about looks

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  • Ok_badge_max30
    signal88stalker, Wed, 28 Jan 2009 03:11:38 UTC.

    I have carried the M6 for many years and absolutely love it. The laser alone has defused many tight situations.

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  • Swat_max30
    zjmazey, Tue, 10 Feb 2009 19:37:22 UTC.

    This is an excellent light/laser combo for a weapon. The light is bright,consistently putting out around 60 lumen and the laser holds its zero very well. It stacks up well against both streamlight and surefire weapons light products. My only initial complaint is that it was made out of polymer (tactical tupperware). However, it is well constructed and rugged enough. Considering that its price point is almost $100 less that its competition it is highly affordable as well.

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  • Wedding_pictures_053_max30
    dpage1615, Thu, 16 Apr 2009 16:46:58 UTC.

    Love it. Works very well.

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  • Matt_on_little_bird_with_sniper_rifle_max30
    Jester31, Tue, 09 Jun 2009 15:28:05 UTC.

    Love this product. Have one mounted on my Springfield XD 45 Tactical and is so easy to manipulate, I can keep my point of aim on target and manipulate the controls. Laser is dead on accurate and light is bright enough to blind any potential threat on a close qaurters environment.

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