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Nike Shox shoes, custom design

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Anonymous, Mon, 19 Nov 2007 02:20:39 UTC.
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    I have a different uniform than most because I am a patrolman and a bike officer. I am a firm believer that the uniform you wear should be simple, comfortable and practical for the job. I wear Nike Shox for my uniform shoes and I must say that are great. I have been in fifty foot pursuits in five and a half years and all fifty were caught and went to jail. My uniform is very practical and professional, neat and clean in appearance and the black custom designed Nike shoes are a perfect addition. Oh! That's right you can go to and custom design your shoes in every way. You can even have up to eight numbers or letters embroidered into the heel of the shoe. So, have shoes with your last name on them or a department name, either way you will be walking or running in comfort and in custom style.

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  • In_remembrance_of_oakland_pd_max50_max50_max50_max50_max30
    thebutlers, Thu, 22 Jan 2009 20:40:26 UTC.

    I would never recommend shox as an everyday shoe. The springs break down way too quickly if you are over 195lbs. These shoes are not to be worn by anyone that weight trains or has a solid build. Your back will fuss at you later about these shoes. I am 6'1 215lbs.....I tried two seperate pairs and the shox lasted about 4 months before they began to sag in the rears. I contacted nike and was informed that these shoes are not designed for someone of my "size" as the young lady put it to me on the phone. lol

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