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    The NEW Lower Back Plan

    We all are susceptible to lower back injuries– military, law enforcement, advanced athlete, beginning exerciser, or sedentary person – we all get back injuries of some sort. The back injuries seen most in doctor’s offices and chiropractic clinics world wide involve the lower back / hip region and can occur from a variety of different causes. According to Dr. Steve Erle ...
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    How to Make a Circuit Workout...

    Often people send me workouts that they created for my opinion. This week an email prompted me to write about many of the varieties of workouts that you can create using a circuit program. Often people like to use the circuit workout as a form to quickly get through a workout routine yet still workout effectively. Here are some examples of ...
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    Getting Ready for Summer: Can You Hang with Two-a-Days?

    If you have been dedicated to your exercise routine and results have started to taper, it may be time to pump up your workout by adding something new - maybe even another workout in a day. Yes - good ole two a days! They worked back in high school preparing for sports. But, can you fit two workouts into your day ...
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    Swim Workouts for Cardio

    Swim Workouts for Cardio
    During the winter months, many people who email me usually are looking for an alternative to running outside. In other words, what can they do inside to still workout. This week’s focus on indoor fitness activities is on swimming. Many clubs, community centers, and YMCAs have indoor swimming pools to use during the year. Here is what I like to do ...
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    Too Busy To Workout? Try This...

    _Stew - I have only about 15 minutes in the AM to workout and I want to start mixing in more things into my workout - weights, PT, cardio. Any tips?_ Here are some ideas for those of you who only have a few minutes a day to exercise. Often I tell people if they do not have time to workout ...
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    Preventing Weight Gain Over the Holiday Season

    Each year, millions start off the holidays with a rather large meal on Thanksgiving Day followed by a few more days of left over pies, cakes, and candies. Many gain a significant amount of weight. Some estimates say people can gain 5 to 7 pounds in the few weeks of the holidays, but according to a University of Texas SW Medical ...
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    Spruce Up the Workouts With Dumbbell Movements

    Many people like to go to the weight room and start performing the standard isolation exercises either using a machine weight system or even free weights. Afterwards, they do a 20-30 minute cycle of cardio vascular exercise. Then, after a normal day of picking up groceries in/out of the car and into the house and some moderate yard work, they find ...
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    Pull-Up Tips

    This week, getting better at pull-ups is the subject of many people’s concern. As with the Pushup-Push Workout (linked below), this idea makes little sense physiologically, but it works. You never want to have an extended period of repeating the same exercises day after day, but you can do this workout for ten days, rest for three or four days of ...
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    The Need for Speed and Endurance

    With battles in an urban environment becoming a part of daily life for both overseas troops and our own police officers here in America, the need to speed programs have never been more applicable to today’s civil servants. There is a need for speed in the military and law enforcement professions. More and more agencies around the United States are adopting ...
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    Cardio Alternatives

    This week, I had a question that comes from a frustrated exerciser who likes to swim and either cannot make the pool times or the pool is closed at the times he can reserve time in his schedule. Cross-training with other cardio options is always healthy. Runners get injured three times as much as people who cross-train with swimming, biking and ...
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    To Run or Not to Run

    To Run or Not to Run
    Running injury free requires near perfect technique, great shoes, possibly the addition of orthotics / insoles, and a gradual build-up after long periods of no running or beginning a running plan. Last week’s article concerning women’s running and training plan caused me to re-think my advice as the intensity of the article was not perfectly directed toward a novice exerciser. In ...
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    Training for an “O-Course” Without Obstacles

    Many pre-military and law enforcement recruits who are training for their future training programs often are hit with this problem of not having an obstacle course to train with before departing. Here is an email from a trainee seeking advice on how to pre-train for this issue: I do not have access to an o-course, but would really like to be ...
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