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    SWAT Fitness: Common Denominators of Success

    After spending more than a decade helping people become members of Special Operations units in every branch of the military and SWAT Teams in federal / state / local law enforcement agencies, I have seen a few common denominators that spell success, or graduation. Ask "did you think about quitting" to any member of a Special Operations unit in the military ...
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    Need to Lose Weight and Get Fit for the Streets?

    Need to Lose Weight and Get Fit for the Streets?
    Often young men and women ask me about training for the military and police officer professions, but unfortunately most of them (about 60% who email me) have to lose weight in order to meet the minimum requirements for the height and weight / body fat standards.  The military refused more than 47,000 people due to not passing the height-weight / body ...
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    Cooped Up Inside? Sounds Like You Need Some Workout Ideas

    No matter what your situation is, some days you just cannot get outside or to the gym to exercise. Here is a great routine that you can do in your bedroom, hotel room, or whatever keeps you inside. "Hey Stew, I need some help with a quick indoor routine as I am currently stuck inside due to baby, weather, and ...
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    Ten Fitness Commandments for Law Enforcement

    Here is a common misconception concerning military as well as law enforcement training programs.  Often people show up to day one of the basic training or academy not in any kind of shape to start off on a group run.  Many are overweight with de-conditioned muscles and joints that can't handle any physical activity for long periods of time.  Here is ...
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    Pushups for Time - Pushups to the Extreme!

    This week I received a fun email from a former Marine who likes to push himself still and those around him. He writes: Stew, I have been using your workouts to get my pushups up to 100 in 2 minutes (as a Marine we focused on pullups as you know) and got it last week. Now I an thinking of doing ...
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    Training for an “O-Course” Without Obstacles

    Many pre-military and law enforcement recruits who are training for their future training programs often are hit with this problem of not having an obstacle course to train with before departing. Here is an email from a trainee seeking advice on how to pre-train for this issue: I do not have access to an o-course, but would really like to be ...
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    Running and Your Heart Rate: What You Need to Know

    Here is a great question from a sailor seeking to better his PFT run time and has gathered extra information about training with heart rate monitor training. _How much emphasis should I put on target heart rate while training for the PRT run? The Navy PRT web page says the target heart rate for my age group (25 years) is 117-146bpm, ...
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    Bodyweight Exercises - Create Your Own Workouts

    Calisthenics, or bodyweight exercises, originated thousands of years ago in ancient Greece and have been a major component of fitness in athletics, military, law enforcement, and daily fitness for home workouts without equipment. Here is a request from a Perfect push-up customer seeking to do more exercises without having to go to a gym. A note from a reader: I need ...
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    Help with Cholesterol: The Do's and Don't's

    This week my brother-in-law got a check up as he nears his 40th birthday and was alarmed with elevated cholesterol scores. Knowing he is not the healthiest eater and chooses to get his exercise by playing sports (basketball, volleyball, etc), he asked me what he should eat / not eat and do for better exercise. It is important to know and ...
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    Balance Out Your Pushup Workouts

    People who exercise and those who do not, often neglect the upper back and rear shoulder muscles. Life has a way of bowing your upper back and rolling your shoulders forward. In technical terms, we are basically “internally rotated” with the shoulder girdle. Many things in life "internally rotate” us such as driving, sitting at a computer, playing video games, texting, ...
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    Fat Reduction Goals and Nutrition Tips

    When to eat and what to eat are constant questions that affect your fitness and health goals as well as your weight loss desires.   I was recently asked a question by email that asked, "What should I eat/drink before, during, and after my workout?  I am 40 years old and my goal is to look better and be healthier. I need ...
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    Training For The Coast Guard Special Ops DOG

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    Stuck on Pushups? Try the Pushup Push Workout!

    Ever since I wrote The Grinder PT – Key to Mental Toughness eBook, I have noticed that the majority of people who attempt one of my toughest workouts I have ever created do quite well on pushups tests upon finishing. This eBook is modeled after the first month of SEAL training, where pushups are done five days a week in the ...
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    Fighting Lower Back Pain At Home

    Our back side (posterior) of the body sustains a majority of the injuries mainly because we neglect major muscle groups such as rear deltoids / upper back, lumbar region (lower back), as well as hamstrings. These three weaknesses create front / back imbalance of strength and flexibility and lead to the three most common injuries in active as well as inactive ...
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    Passing Military and Special Ops Swim Test

    Many future military and law enforcement special operations team members have to learn how to be comfortable in the water.  Whether that is to SCUBA dive, swim for miles, or learn insertions and extractions from the water using boats, submarines, or helicopter, learning to swim while wearing full combat gear is a requirement in many special operations units.  Here is a ...
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    Beer and Fitness? Can it Be?

    Beer and Fitness? Can it Be?
    I was once asked an interesting question concerning drinking beer and exercising. It seems that a former Navy Radioman had developed quite a gut since retiring, and was curious about whether he should give up his beer to lose weight? Not only did the gentleman enjoy drinking about 2-4 beers daily, he had also quit exercising. Moderate beer consumption is actually ...
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    Pre-Training Before the Academy

    Here are a few commonly asked questions regarding a young man joining the military and then advancing onto challenging follow on training. But my answers apply to anyone seeking to join the military or a law enforcement academy as well. Here are his questions: I am going to ship next month to the Navy then go to SEAL training after Boot. ...
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    The Importance of Breathing

    The Importance of Breathing
    Breathing – of course it is important in everything we do. From athletic performance, shooting, and relaxing, we all have had to control our breathing in some fashion. But did you know that you can speed up and slow down your central nervous system by learning some breathing techniques? Did you know you can fail a running test one day and ...
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    Pull-Up Tips

    This week, getting better at pull-ups is the subject of many people’s concern. As with the Pushup-Push Workout (linked below), this idea makes little sense physiologically, but it works. You never want to have an extended period of repeating the same exercises day after day, but you can do this workout for ten days, rest for three or four days of ...
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    How to Make a Circuit Workout...

    Often people send me workouts that they created for my opinion. This week an email prompted me to write about many of the varieties of workouts that you can create using a circuit program. Often people like to use the circuit workout as a form to quickly get through a workout routine yet still workout effectively. Here are some examples of ...
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