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    The 15 Day Plan For The PFT

    This 15 day plan was written for a military member who had two weeks to pass his fitness test of 1.5 mile run, pushups, and situps. It is not designed for those members who have not exercised in months, but for those who just need an extra push to surpass the minimums. You could also use this routine to help you ...
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    Passing Military and Special Ops Swim Test

    Many future military and law enforcement special operations team members have to learn how to be comfortable in the water.  Whether that is to SCUBA dive, swim for miles, or learn insertions and extractions from the water using boats, submarines, or helicopter, learning to swim while wearing full combat gear is a requirement in many special operations units.  Here is a ...
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    Training For The Coast Guard Special Ops DOG

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    Pushups for Time - Pushups to the Extreme!

    This week I received a fun email from a former Marine who likes to push himself still and those around him. He writes: Stew, I have been using your workouts to get my pushups up to 100 in 2 minutes (as a Marine we focused on pullups as you know) and got it last week. Now I an thinking of doing ...
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    Mixing In Calisthenics With Lifting Weights

    Here is an email I get often from people seeking to improve calisthenics scores in PT tests. Either they ask to do pull-ups, pushups, dips, etc every day or how to mix them into a weight lifting program. Here is what I recommend: Hi Stew - I really enjoy weightlifting three times a week. I was wondering if I can do ...
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    So Where Can I Serve?

    Every now and then I get a question that requires extra effort to answer. This question required every bit of experience I had to answer. If you are on the fence or how or where to serve your country, please read. Stew I am debating where to serve? Firefighting EMT, Police SWAT, or Military Special Ops. I know you write about ...
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    Safe Running During The Hot, Dry Summer

    With the long days of summer, there are more daylight hours in which to exercise. Many people focus on running and outdoor activities. These days, though, it may be best to stay indoors and do another type of workout instead of breathing polluted air during strenuous cardio activity. In an email this week, I was asked about running during the summer, ...
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    Fighting Lower Back Pain At Home

    Our back side (posterior) of the body sustains a majority of the injuries mainly because we neglect major muscle groups such as rear deltoids / upper back, lumbar region (lower back), as well as hamstrings. These three weaknesses create front / back imbalance of strength and flexibility and lead to the three most common injuries in active as well as inactive ...
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    Surefire Strategy For Beating Physical Fitness Test Fatigue

    How many of you have taken a physical fitness test (PFT) and did not score as well as you have in the past during your own workouts? Often by the end of a PFT, you will be fatigued and the last cardio test will be slower than normal workouts scores. Here is an email I received that I think we all ...
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    Self Motivation - The Difference Between Wanna-Be and Gonna-Be

    Most people who email me are pretty motivated but need guidance on how to get to a new level of fitness and health. From the unfit seeking to getting healthy and lose weight to the athlete seeking to change from a sport workout routine to a military workout routine to better prepare for the different challenges that the military provides, I ...
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    Bodyweight Exercises - Create Your Own Workouts

    Calisthenics, or bodyweight exercises, originated thousands of years ago in ancient Greece and have been a major component of fitness in athletics, military, law enforcement, and daily fitness for home workouts without equipment. Here is a request from a Perfect push-up customer seeking to do more exercises without having to go to a gym. A note from a reader: I need ...
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    Balance Out Your Pushup Workouts

    People who exercise and those who do not, often neglect the upper back and rear shoulder muscles. Life has a way of bowing your upper back and rolling your shoulders forward. In technical terms, we are basically “internally rotated” with the shoulder girdle. Many things in life "internally rotate” us such as driving, sitting at a computer, playing video games, texting, ...
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    Training for an “O-Course” Without Obstacles

    Many pre-military and law enforcement recruits who are training for their future training programs often are hit with this problem of not having an obstacle course to train with before departing. Here is an email from a trainee seeking advice on how to pre-train for this issue: I do not have access to an o-course, but would really like to be ...
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    Fighting Disease and Illness with Fitness

    Fighting Disease and Illness with Fitness
    We have all heard that daily exercise and eating a healthful diet can help you fight many diseases and illnesses to include diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and even cancer. This weekend in Tucson, AZ, I had the honor to meet a woman who donates her time to help people fight cancer through exercise. The “Sarge,” Anita Kellman runs the "Beat Cancer ...
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    Advanced Balance Training for Athletes – Tactical Athletes Too!

    I recently wrote an article on "Adding Balance to Your Life,":http://policelink.monster.com/police-fitness/articles/101253-add-some-balance-to-your-life but it was aimed more at beginners and for those who are losing their balance as they age. People fall everyday due to loss of balance muscles that accompanies a sedentary lifestyle. Spending your 40s, 50s, and 60s not exercising regularly can lead to a variety of broken bones and ...
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    Add Some Balance to Your Life

    An email from a physical therapist in the Navy asked me about training people to have better balance. He states: "One of the biggest culprits to injury as we age is falling or losing your balance. Do you have any plans for folks to gain balance or better stability?" Great question! When training athletes, one of the most important elements of ...
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    Getting Ready for Summer: Can You Hang with Two-a-Days?

    If you have been dedicated to your exercise routine and results have started to taper, it may be time to pump up your workout by adding something new - maybe even another workout in a day. Yes - good ole two a days! They worked back in high school preparing for sports. But, can you fit two workouts into your day ...
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    Too Busy To Workout? Try This...

    _Stew - I have only about 15 minutes in the AM to workout and I want to start mixing in more things into my workout - weights, PT, cardio. Any tips?_ Here are some ideas for those of you who only have a few minutes a day to exercise. Often I tell people if they do not have time to workout ...
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    How to Make a Circuit Workout...

    Often people send me workouts that they created for my opinion. This week an email prompted me to write about many of the varieties of workouts that you can create using a circuit program. Often people like to use the circuit workout as a form to quickly get through a workout routine yet still workout effectively. Here are some examples of ...
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    Spruce Up the Workouts With Dumbbell Movements

    Many people like to go to the weight room and start performing the standard isolation exercises either using a machine weight system or even free weights. Afterwards, they do a 20-30 minute cycle of cardio vascular exercise. Then, after a normal day of picking up groceries in/out of the car and into the house and some moderate yard work, they find ...
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