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    Pre-Training Before the Academy

    Here are a few commonly asked questions regarding a young man joining the military and then advancing onto challenging follow on training. But my answers apply to anyone seeking to join the military or a law enforcement academy as well. Here are his questions: I am going to ship next month to the Navy then go to SEAL training after Boot. ...
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    Build Up Your Running Program with the Sun

    Build Up Your Running Program with the Sun
    For the past few years, I have started an outdoor running program as the weather breaks from Winter to Spring. This running plan works as the sun rises in the morning prior to work or school as we are about 65% more likely to accomplish a workout if done at any other time than immediately after work. As you know, life ...
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    Is Technology Ruining Your Workout?

    Is Technology Ruining Your Workout?
    I often get emails and questions from people about certain programs, gadgets, fitness videos, GPS devices, music, heart rate monitors, pedometers, I-phone applications, you name it. I get to test much of this new fitness technology out and will either decline to write about it or give it a plug. If you have followed my decade of articles on fitness, you ...
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    Working Out for Retirees

    _I am a 61-year-old retired officer and used to be in good shape but after a desk job for the past several years you can imagine the rest. Do you have any weight loss / fitness advice for some one like me?_ Thanks for your career of service sir. I do have some advice for you that will help you get ...
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    Recovery Tools of the Trade

    "Recovery and Maintenance," We hear these terms often in just about every area of our lives:  from improving your fitness and athletic performance and handling stressful professions to maintaining your health with a strong immune system.  Typically, most people in the military / law enforcement fitness and health genre ask about how to get stronger for Fitness Tests while working long ...
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    Ace Any Law Enforcement Fitness Test

    Ace Any Law Enforcement Fitness Test
    Prior to basic, boot camp or police academy, personnel line up to take their physical fitness tests (PFT). Though each service and agency differs in testing exercises and measuring criteria, most personnel labor over this event for several weeks prior. But for those who properly prepare themselves, the PFT can be just another workout. Here are the exercises of all the ...
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    Surefire Strategy For Beating Physical Fitness Test Fatigue

    How many of you have taken a physical fitness test (PFT) and did not score as well as you have in the past during your own workouts? Often by the end of a PFT, you will be fatigued and the last cardio test will be slower than normal workouts scores. Here is an email I received that I think we all ...
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    Fitness: Hanging with the Younger Crowd

    This week’s email strikes home on a daily basis as we all age and try to do the things we did in our teens and early twenties. Here is an Eight Step explanation of what to do and what NOT to do to keep on going strong. *Stew - I am 41 years old and still try to hang with the ...
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    Losing Weight by Eating Right

    _Hello Stew, thanks for your service and your continued support of the military, police and their families in fitness and health. I am trying to lose weight and thought I’d try something that would eliminate carbohydrates from my diet for a while? What do you think of that as a weight loss idea?_ Just as a rule - never eliminate the ...
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    Sleep: The Best Training Routine

    Sleep... How important is it to those who exercise often as well as to those who do not? Scientists have been studying sleep patterns for decades, so there is plenty of research on the importance of sleep in our daily lives. Sleep also affects performance in between workouts during high intensity training programs like military and law enforcement training. I guess ...
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    Help with Cholesterol: The Do's and Don't's

    This week my brother-in-law got a check up as he nears his 40th birthday and was alarmed with elevated cholesterol scores. Knowing he is not the healthiest eater and chooses to get his exercise by playing sports (basketball, volleyball, etc), he asked me what he should eat / not eat and do for better exercise. It is important to know and ...
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    Fitness Training and Police Work

    *+Flexibility is Key+* First of all, a police officer should be flexible with an ability to move at a moment's notice. After hours of sitting still, jumping out of a car and chasing someone at full speed can injure even the most athletic individuals. Stretching at least your legs and lower back throughout the day and on a daily basis with ...
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    The NEW Lower Back Plan

    We all are susceptible to lower back injuries– military, law enforcement, advanced athlete, beginning exerciser, or sedentary person – we all get back injuries of some sort. The back injuries seen most in doctor’s offices and chiropractic clinics world wide involve the lower back / hip region and can occur from a variety of different causes. According to Dr. Steve Erle ...
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    Balance Out Your Pushup Workouts

    People who exercise and those who do not, often neglect the upper back and rear shoulder muscles. Life has a way of bowing your upper back and rolling your shoulders forward. In technical terms, we are basically “internally rotated” with the shoulder girdle. Many things in life "internally rotate” us such as driving, sitting at a computer, playing video games, texting, ...
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    Fitness: It's 90% Mental

    Have you ever heard of this statement? Often it refers to challenging military / law enforcement training programs. The first time I heard the saying was at SEAL training and I never quite understood what it meant at the time because it felt like 100% physical at the time. I promise you this. It does not refer to 90% mental being ...
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    Working Out But Failing To Finish Off Those Final 10 Pounds?

    Here is an email from a man you likes to exercise as much as myself, but just cannot drop that last bit of fat off his stomach area: Stew - what gives? I have been busting my butt for years working out with running, calisthenics, weights nearly 5-6 days a week and still have trouble around my mid-section. I am in ...
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    PFT: Train for the Transition

    This week I received an email from an officer who writes: Every time I take the PFT, I ace the PT part but my run is much worse than if I ran first. Does the PT take that much out of me that I cannot run my normal pace had I not done the PT first? As with any test, you ...
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    How to Make a Circuit Workout...

    Often people send me workouts that they created for my opinion. This week an email prompted me to write about many of the varieties of workouts that you can create using a circuit program. Often people like to use the circuit workout as a form to quickly get through a workout routine yet still workout effectively. Here are some examples of ...
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    New Year's Fitness Resolutions That Work

    In the first week of January I give out my 45 Day Beginner Plan free to readers, so this is always a gratifying week for me. Here is one of several emails from people who stuck with the plan for the month of January AND have built a habit of fitness and motivation to carry to the next level. Give yourself ...
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    Running Distance vs. Running a Timed Run Fitness Test

    Sometimes we think we are in shape because a "test looks easy" or "you were in shape in high school", but many people fail to prepare for a fitness test and wind up realizing they need to change their training AND their thinking.  Check out this email: Stew - I run all the time 4-5 days a week and usually get ...
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