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Fitness Questions and Answers for Cops

Stew Smith, CSCS

Do you have any advice with changing bad habits, or advice on what kinds of food I could eat on the run at work or could take in the patrol car with me through an entire shift? Also, any other changes I could make to my workout to help increase metabolism?

This is what I do for food.

But when on the road I usually try to find a Subway and eat a multigrain bread sandwich / lettuce / tomato etc. Lay off mayo and go with mustard.

Always add a salad – even McDs and Wendy’s have salads now. It is OK to eat chicken grilled… not fried.

How is the workout going? This will make all the difference in the world – in fact if you workout hard enough you can have some of those foods you love every now and then (once a week). I would check out some of the ideas in the PoliceLink Fitness Article Archive for ideas to add to your current workout. Adding pull-ups, pushups, running, swimming and/or weight lifting will be just the thing you need to do to help you get back in the weight loss column.

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What can I do to relieve the pain of flat footedness? I get severe pain in the heel portion of my right foot when I run for more than 20 minutes. The pain doesn’t occur until after the run. I wear insoles provided by the U.S. Army National Guard.

It is tough but you need a good shoe / perhaps a shoes store that does gait analysis for you. Then they can tell you want type of shoe will work for you.

There are over the counter / prescription inserts a physical therapist can give you to help BUT for the OTC try this link.

If you push too hard you could end up with Plantar Faciitis which it sounds like you have, and that will take months to heel properly so perhaps it is time to see a doctor if it hurts to run or walk.

My saying is – “If it hurts to run, STOP. If it hurts to walk, DO NOT RUN. If it hurts doing nothing, see a DOCTOR!”

What’s your opinion on the jump rope for cardio? I started a jump rope routine, alternating between tapping twice with my feet, and full blown swinging and jumping. By the way I enjoy the supersets, and pyramids; it’s really let me get a bit more out of my workouts. I’m a police officer and planning on joining the National Guard next year. Thanks so much also for the articles and tips!

Jump rope is a great way to get the leg muscles / arm muscles and lungs working if you can manage a few minutes non-stop with the jump rope. I like to do pushups, pull-ups, bench dips, and abs mixed in with some jump rope sets for 1-2 minutes one day and then mix in squats, lunges, obliques with jump rope for the following day IF I cannot get out to run, bike, or swim. Jump rope is a staple of boxers and they will usually do rounds of three minutes with jumping rope to simulate the moving in the ring for a full round.

But since you seek military training in your future you should start adding some running with your plan when you can.

Check out PoliceLink’s Fitness Training Article section and the online store at for quick downloadable fitness eBooks for any goal.

If there are particular areas you would like for me to discuss in the next month of articles, please email me at Whether you are an advanced athlete or getting started again – please feel free to contact me at

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    almost 7 years ago


    Look at Its a whole body (functional movement) strength and cardio routine. Cop and military friendly and it's free. They post a work out of the day and show you how to perform the excercises (excercises and demo link). Read the "Start here" and "What is CrossFit. links. Good luck.

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    almost 7 years ago


    I walk for 30-40 minutes a day. I figure that is enough for now. I will get a jump start at a later date. I also do lung exercises with movement of arms up and inhaleing , then down slowly while exhaleing. I try to do that every hour. It keeps you from getting phenmonia. I walk as much as possible in my place to improve my body function.

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    almost 7 years ago


    I find this info to be very informative. Thanks.

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    almost 7 years ago


    In regards to the Mc D's salad comment. The movie supersize me was talking about the fried salads with regular dressing. They now have grilled salads with newman's own salad dressing with less than 10 grams of fat. You can't beat it. Get a fruit and walnut salad and a Salad to go....

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    almost 7 years ago


    the salads at mcdonalds are just as bad if not worse as the supersize me sometime........take fruit and veggies from home and portioned snacks

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    about 7 years ago

    Physical fitness is a must for officers in public service. Why ? The public views the officer as either a professional in his / her appearance, or a slob ! It's easy to add a few pounds while assigned to a scout car. The most physical excercise is operating the motor vehicle and equipment..... getting in and out of the car. Officers have the tendecy to eat fast foods, because of the convienence, and most officers do not get the minimal physical exercise each week needed to good health and longivatity on the job. My recommendation: try to eat on a normal pattern ( 3 meals a day ), get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, and consume lo-cal, low-fat meals....... stay away fom greasy cheese burgers and fries. I personally excercise 20 minutes a day on a Bowflew..... I know other officers that do the same with success. The Bowflew varies in price buti it's reasonably prices and worth the expense ! The machine really does what Bowfles says it will......if you stay with the program guidelines.

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