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Fitness Gear: Stew Smith's Recommendations

Stew Smith, CSCS

I often get emails from beginners starting to exercise or officers who are avid trainers asking about what are some of the things I like to use, wear, and even listen to when exercising. Here are a few of the many things I like to use.

I have been searching the fitness business world for places to put my logo on for customers to wear or use as well as find products / services that I recommend for workouts, nutrition, and fitness education. Here are a few of the products, associations, and people I have grown to respect for their service, duty, and representation of the military, law enforcement, fire fighters, and EMS communities.

Performance Gear

I originally thought UnderArmour would be my preferred choice of athletic gear as it is everywhere. But, I have found a company operated by a retired police officer called Guardian Wear that is great quality but nearly half the price of UA. Guardian Wear makes me proud to be American as I am helping and supporting families of fallen heroes. This is the brand I personally wear for both training and casual wear. I wear the brand because of the quality, price, pride in the fact that the logo and brand was created exclusively for our American Hero Community and most importantly because of the mission…FOR HEROES-BY HEROES-SUPPORTING HEROES. One dollar from every item sold goes directly into the Guardian Wear American Hero Foundation that annually supports the families of our fallen brothers and sisters in the professions of law enforcement, fire fighter, military and EMS. You cannot beat that!! Now I have co-branded the Heroes of Tomorrow logo with Guardian Wear to create what I call my line of performance wear – coming this Summer. offers two types of shirts a performance line similar to the latest in athletic performance wear and a lighter, mesh weave. I am offering the mesh weave LifeStyle Shirt with the ebook for $29.95

For now I have the Guardian Wear logo shirt going with an ebook / t-shirt deal at the store and have another dollar from the sale go to the fund. See Guardian Wear T-shirt / ebook sale.


When it comes to the fitness gear I use for my personal workouts, I have found that the following products are perfect for my training programs:

Perfect Pushup


Brooks Beast – Running Shoes – great for 200lb runners! I get them at and save about 30-40% off retail.

Other great products that I like but do not endorse a specific company who makes them are: Jump ropes, medicine balls, Olympic weights, bench press, squat rack, dumbbells, pullup / dip bars, and agility ladders.

Nutrition / Recovery Education

After meeting exercise physiologist, David Sandler on the set of National Geographic’s Fight Science last year, I have learned a lot about his nutritional supplement business from him and his training seminars. I have always been one who never took supplements other than vitamins, a few protein bars, and electrolyte drinks after workouts. I just never needed to as I always ate well and relied on fruits and veges for energy and lean meats and boiled eggs for protein. But as I age (turning 40 this year) I am becoming more and more aware that I am not recovering like I used to back in my teens and twenties. has a variety of supplements, but the ones I am using now with great success in aiding recovery for my next workout are the fruit flavored SPR3 Recovery Drink powder and the Beta Alanine. I am not feeling like I am 20 again, but I am getting better workouts later in the week after 3-4 hard workouts than I did before.

Fitness Education

No longer will our military, law enforcement, fire fighters, and special operations communities be bound to old models of fitness. Many groups are already getting involved with new fitness programs that not only enable our public servants to perform better at their professions, but their tactical strength and conditioning programs may save their lives and our lives one day. Today, tactical strength and conditioning is a growing section of the fitness industry noted for its importance but also for the need to develop tactical physical training programs.

Today, tactical strength and conditioning is a growing section of the fitness industry noted for its importance but also for the need to develop tactical physical training programs. The future is here and now provides functional fitness training using a variety of methods and clinical studies. One of the most respected strength / conditioning / fitness certification programs in the world, the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), has developed the Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC) Program based on the needs and demand from the tactical community (Police, Fire, and Military). The non-profit organization develops programs that consists of educational seminars and courses and disseminate the latest scientific research and cutting edge techniques to both the members of the NSCA and to the Tactical community. The program also has its own peer reviewed newsletter, the TSAC REPORT, that is delivered electronically 6 times per year. The TSAC REPORT contains articles written by strength and conditioning experts as well as members from the fire/rescue, law enforcement, and military community. Topics range from tactical fitness and tactical nutrition to injury prevention.

I was honored to attend the first symposium in Colorado Springs as well as humbled to be offered to speak to an audience of military, special ops soldiers, fire fighters, police, SWAT officers as well as other trainers in the military fitness business. The team of speakers ranged from active police officers, PHDs in physiology and nutrition, and many other highly qualified trainers. I would seriously recommend your military command, law enforcement / fire department get involved somehow with this organization as it is the future of physical training for our forces.

I will be speaking again in Vegas for the NSCA this summer and again in September in Colorado Springs. For more info contact former Marine Mark Stephenson and current Human Performance Director at the NSCA.

If there are particular areas you would like for me to discuss in the next month of articles, please email me at Whether you are an advanced athlete or getting started again – please feel free to contact me at

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