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Cooped Up Inside? Sounds Like You Need Some Workout Ideas

Stew Smith

No matter what your situation is, some days you just cannot get outside or to the gym to exercise. Here is a great routine that you can do in your bedroom, hotel room, or whatever keeps you inside.

“Hey Stew, I need some help with a quick indoor routine as I am currently stuck inside due to baby, weather, and monetary reasons. I have no equipment and I am looking for a quick calisthenics and/or isometric upper body and lower body workout. If you have any great stomach / lower back workouts, that would be a great addition as well.”

There are a few components of a workout program to make it complete. Now you do not have to do all of these to get a good workout, but one thing I try to stress is complete balance in your workouts.

That means you want to do some form of resistance training that will work your arms and legs, chest and shoulders. You will also want to focus on your torso – meaning abdominal exercises as well as lower back and upper back movements. You can do all of these with little or no equipment using calisthenics and isometrics with just your bodyweight. If you add in some dumbbells, elastic bands, or my favorite – the TRX, you can multiply your exercises tenfold.

The remaining element is cardio-vascular exercise. Without any equipment you can walk in place, around the house, up and down steps, and pep it up a little with jumping jacks and jump rope. These components together make a complete workout and the added cardio work will get the heart pumping faster and help maintain cardiovascular health, as well as, a higher fat burning metabolism.

I highly recommend doing something every day. That means not to do a full body workout a few times a week, but do a split routine where you do upper body one and followed by the lower body the next. You can mix in the abdominal and lower back elements as “rest” exercises as well as do short intervals of cardio options in between sets to recover muscle groups.

The following pages include some sample workouts along with picture descriptions to help burn calories when you are “stuck inside”.

Upper Body Option (pictured above)

Repeat 5-10 times recommended Jumping Jacks or jump rope 30 seconds

a – pushups – 10 (use knee pushups or do wide, close, regular hand placement) b – reverse pushups – 20 (life your hands off the floor – flexing upper back) c – Birds – 20 (lift arms up and down like you were flying like a bird) d – Chair dips – 10-20

Add crunch cycle to the end of this workout. (See next page)

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