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Does Water Affect Weight?

Stew Smith, CSCS

Too much water – How much is too much? I tackled this one a few years ago when a water drinking contest on the radio actually caused someone to die from water intoxication. That person had downed nearly two gallons within a short period of time (less than 2 hours). This caused her body to shut down causing kidney failure as well as electrolyte imbalances that affect all organ function. Many endurance athletes have died from the same issues, however they sweat profusely and re-hydrated with ONLY water and had the same electrolyte imbalances that caused death. When drinking water after sweating profusely, you should consider foods or supplements with electrolytes (sodium, potassium, etc) so that does not happen.

I like to eat a can of chicken noodle soup after a workout where I lose 5-7 lbs of water through sweating – it can happen in humid or arid environments. The chicken noodle soup (especially kids double noodle style) can offer several hundred milligrams of sodium and potassium – much more than sports drinks. See related article – Too Much Water

Another question to ask is “HOW does water affect weight loss?” Over the course of a 10 day period, you can see significant weight loss by adding water to your daily intake. So, let’s see for ourselves. (try at own risk)

Take a 10 Day Challenge – Below is a chart that will take you through a ten day extra water consuming process to show you that a few quarts of water a day will make you feel better, make skin look better, make you less hungry, and best of all help you release water that is retained in your body’s cells – perhaps you will lose some weight.

Weigh yourself in the morning after using the bathroom and in the evening after dinner

Try adding 2-3 quarts a day for men and 1-2 quarts a day for women and let’s see what happens!!!

NOTE – if you are already consuming the above amounts there is no need to try this 10 Day Challenge or add more water to your diet.

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