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Training For The Coast Guard Special Ops DOG

Stew Smith, CSCS

The same can be done with the Tier 2 test as far as creating a split routine to prepare for the fitness test.  Here is how I would recommend training for this different test: 

Workout 1,3,5:  Run / Upper-body / Swim / Abs & Lower-back  – Make your workouts similar for the test complete with a run, upper-body PT or weights followed by a swim and stretch.

Workout 2,4:  Weakness Day:  These days can be spent working on one of the two cardio testing events that you are having the most trouble with and resting the upper-body muscles from the day before.  You can also do some leg PT to build up your leg endurance for the run.

The DOG Physical Fitness Test Exercises (Tips and Sample Workouts):

Running -1.5 mile run:

  • Pace, breathing, arm swing, stride – Learn to regular your breathing by timing INHALES for 2-3 steps and EXHALES for 2-3 steps in a regular breathing rhythm to keep heart rate lower and running potential faster in the last ¼ mile.

  • Arm swing and stride – arms should be slightly bent but relaxed and swing in a straight line not crossing your body. Stride and foot strike should be efficient enough so you are not running on your toes or too wide where you land on your heels. Foot strike should be closer to the balls of the feet but not flat footed.

  • Injury prevention / stretch properly – Warmup well and stretch by jogging or jumping jacks and a few squats.

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Learn how to pace your 1.5 mile run by breaking the run down into ¼ and ½ mile interval workouts like this:

Repeat 6-8 times

Run ¼ mile at goal pace (ie if your goal is to run a 10:30 1.5 mile run then your ¼ mile should be at 1:45 each lap of the quarter mile.
Rest with 100m walk
Add in squats or lunges to build endurance in legs as well as jumping skills.

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