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Training For The Coast Guard Special Ops DOG

Stew Smith, CSCS

I have been asked by a few future Coast Guardsmen about the new fitness test utilized by DOG.  First of all, I had to figure out what DOG was.  After some research, the good news is that the fitness test is very similar to law enforcement fitness tests used by many federal and local police agencies.  Also, DOG stands for Deployable Operations Group (DOG) and is considered the Coast Guard Special Ops Team.  After September 11, 2001, the Coast Guard became part of Homeland Security and developed the DOG in order to establish a single command authority to rapidly provide the Coast Guard, DHS, DoD, DoJ and other interagency operational commanders adaptive force packages drawn from the U.S. Coast Guard’s deployable specialized force units.

These six units, under a single command, create an organized quick reaction force that can be deployed to handle natural disasters, environmental catastrophes, terrorism and other threats to the United States and the world.   The groups that are under DOG are the following:

MSRT – Maritime Security Response Team – The premiere counter-terrorism teams of DOG are interoperable with DOD Special Operations Forces with port security, maritime interdiction, and other high threat events.

MSST – Maritime Safety and Security Teams – Established in 2002, these tier 1 forces are anti terrorism and port security teams who can operate domestically as well as internationally.   The MSSTs execute Coastal Security operations (enforce security zones, port state control boardings, protection of military out loads and major marine events, augment shore side security at waterfront facilities, detect WMD weapons/agents, and participate in port level anti-terrorism exercises.

NCWS – Naval Coastal Warfare Squadrons – These Coast Guard units are part of an interoperable force and part of the Department of Defense international and domestic security.  They provide anti-terrorism / force protection for forward deployed base camps and ports around the world where needed.

PSU – Port Security Units - These units are integrated and interoperable and deploy nationally as well as internationally in support the Department of Defense port security.  They can deploy within 24 hours. 

NSF – National Strike Force – These Coast Guard are immediate action teams and deploy to deal with HAZMAT, CHEM / BIO environmental disasters. 

TACLET – TACtical Law Enforcement Teams – Provide maritime drug interdiction and well as maritime interception domestically as well as where requested by the Department of Defense.  Also they conduct training for foreign Navy and foreign Coast Guard.

For more information on the variety of missions done by these groups see the official Coast Guard website at

The Coast Guard Deployable Operations Group Tier 1 Fitness Test is: 

Men / Women

All Ages

1.5 mile run


Situps 1 minute


Pushups 1 minute


300m sprint

48 seconds

Vertical Jump

23 inches

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