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Teen: Suspended for Confederate flag on truck

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March 29, 2014

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  • Hanscon_park_2_2013_max50


    5 months ago


    How utterly prejudicial,useless and ignorant on the part of the school officials.Even the American Criminal Liberties Union came down on the right side of this.I seriously bump my two friends.Not even the Hammer and Cycle of Communism or the twisted Nazi cross are as degraded by our Liberal pols,in this country, as the Confederate Battle Flag.I am an old man and have delved into the study of the Civil War since ten years of age and the problems which caused it.No,never did the South fight to preserve slavery.Only the wealthy land holders used slaves.Many black soldiers fought for the South.of their own volition to preserve what they knew as their own homeland.If the famous and allegedly great American,Abe Lincoln was fighting to free the slave,why ,pray tell do he wait till the Union ,FINALLY won their first battle(Gettysburg)`to sign the Emancepation Proclamation instead of doing so when he was first elected President?????All too many Americans still see ,what they believe to be facts through rose colored glasses.I worked and lived in Northern states,Southern states and border states.I found there to be just as much and usually more prejudice in Northern states as the others.

  • 1979_max50


    5 months ago


    The Confederate Battle Flag is part of not only the history of the South, it is AMERICAN History as well. Most of the people who fought and died under that flag did not care a bit about the Slavery Issue, it was all about States Rights to then and having the Northern States control the Country and even their States telling them what they could and could no do. Slavery was wrong and the institution of Slavery was dying out at the time of the Civil War. Had this Civil War not occured slavery would have just been a terrible moment in the past and probably forbidden by the early 1970's on it's own and the former slaves assumulated into socioty with no hard feeling towards them. The Civil War did not only set the South back 50 years, it set th Negro back 100 years or more and America itself back 100 years!

  • Ba_old_glory_max50


    5 months ago


    This is sad.

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