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Man arrested for stealing own vehicle from impound lot

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October 29, 2013

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    Bump Gary! It appears you fixed stupid in that moment in time!

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    Many years ago, I saw something like this with a slightly different twist. I was at an impound yard because my vehicle was parked in a customer parking only lot and was towed prior to my return. There were about 10 people in front of me at the tow yard and the clock is ticking, upping the impound fee with every minute. On the computer releasing the vehicles was a male clerk that could barely hunt and peck the keyboard. It was painful to watch as the $$$$ continued to rack up. Growing impatient and seeing his own vehicle, a man a few people ahead of me, snuck into the yard behind another person there to retrieve his own vehicle. He got into the car and waited until the other car left. As the gate was about to close, he started the car, flew outside of the gate and stopped long enouh for his passengers to quickly jump into the vehicle, leaving at a high rate of speed. As the workers realized what had just happened, I hear radio traffic from the tow trucks with a supervisor ordering all tow truck drivers to ram the car if they find it. One of tow trucks flying out of the gates slammed on the brakes and stopped, barely missing (almost broadsided) a vehicle driving on the street just in front of the yard. The clerk inside told everyone that until the trucks returned with the other vehicle, no one was getting their car(s) back. It was at this time that I stepped up and told the clerk that on top of the clock stopping right now, if one person related to the incident or not was injured or killed while the tow truck drivers were chasing this vehicle, they would be held criminally and financially responsible and that everyone in the room would testify to what they observed and to the "RAM THE CAR" order heard on the radio. I told them that since they had tow records, they knew or could determine which car was taken and that instead of being a risk (never mind a danger) to the public, the theft of the legally impounded or stored / towed vehicle could and should be reported to the police. It wasn't but long enough to relate my message to a supervisor and all of the trucks were then ordered to return to the yard and the window reopened for the rest of us to retrieve our own vehicles.

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    Bump to Gary

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    You just can't fix stupid.

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