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School Asks Officer Not to Wear Uniform/Gun on Campus (Mesa, AZ)

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11 months ago

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October 03, 2013

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  • Ba_old_glory_max50


    11 months ago


    I can't believe this happened in AZ. They don't like seeing the Officer in his uniform. So they can just profile him and get away with it? Ya for sure better an armed gunman on the rampage at a school, eh?

  • 25-1-13-a_1__max50


    11 months ago


    "Mesa Unified School District officials say they didn't realize they had upset or offended the officer by asking him not to wear his uniform hear on campus."

    "We apologize that he took the discussion the wrong way perhaps, that was not the intent on the Principal to offend him," said (Hellen) Hollands (Mesa Unified School District Spokesperson)

    WOW...... REALLY MS HOLLANDS????? Intended or not, that's how it came out and your responce sounds like a lot of back tracking to me. Kinda like throwing a lot of steer manure down on weeds in the hope that flowers will grow. When the Principal says, "please don't wear your uniform and gun to school because it scared some people...." just how is that supposed to be taken. The uniform Ms Hollands, which includes his badge is very distinctive. It states the agency where he works and states in big bold letters on patches sewn to both left and right sleaves "POLICE." He was on his way to work and dropped his child off at school acting no different than any other parent doing the same thing. The only thing different than the work attire of the plumber, the electrician or the grocery clerk doing same, was his uniform which so happens to include a firearm. HE'S A COP FOR GOD'S SAKE..... NOT AN ACTIVE SHOOTER OR SOME OTHER MOPE WHICH BY THE WAY ALSO HAS A KID OR FIVE ATTENDING YOUR SCHOOL(S). What the Principal should have done with a smile on his/her face is tell the complaining parents to go pound sand and that he/she is glad that there was an extra uniform presence on or about the campus that morning. What the officer should do is continue to do the same thing today, tomorrow and every day that he drops his child off at the school.

    Going on 6 years now, every time I drop off or pick up my kids from school, count on it that I am armed. Many times I have had to drop them off while on my way to work and was wearing my full police uniform. NEVER have I had a single complaint that I am aware of. That said, I have also made it a point to tell the Principal(s), both the old and new ones, as well as all of the teachers exactly who I am, whose parent I am, what I am and that I am armed. They know that should an active shooter scenario take place, that I may well be the first responder on scene. Every day I am greeted with smiles by Principal, teachers and staff as well as the parents that are in the know.

  • Hanscon_park_2_2013_max50


    11 months ago


    This is so totally disgusting and ignorant.Is there something in the air or water in Mesa,Az. which leads people to conduct themselves as inane idiots?They degrade him,his uniform and a tool of his trade and yet have the go%ads to ask him to speak at an assembly?What idiotic morons.

  • Att179311_max50


    11 months ago


    so when a crazed gunmen is in killing there kids they dont want the police involved

  • Cruise_2014_max50


    11 months ago


    Yep, lends more ammo to my argument about mandatory testing prior to parenthood...

  • Vpsomourningband_max50


    11 months ago


    And now that the principal stepped in it they want to use this as a "teachable" moment?

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