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government rolls out shut down plan

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September 29, 2013

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    11 months ago


    Everybody seems to keep forgetting this...

    No matter what some Faux 5 news poll says, the American people have already spoken on the ACA by re-electing the POTUS--Who ran on it

    Additionally, this bill was already negotiated, compromised, discussed and debated in the house and the senate.

    The President has a pen, and it's mightier than the h0rde. So even if a few red state Democrats flip - and that is highly doubtful --Both bodies can't override a Presidential veto.

    That said, whatever the Republicans do, whatever piece of cr@p legislation the Tea Party squats out and kicks down the hill, the POTUS is one pen stroke away from telling them to take a hike once he finally grabs a set.
    Obama is not "holding the military hostage" as the Tea Party's foreign born anchor Tea Party anchor baby from the land of socialized medicine--Canadian terrorist Senor Ted Cruz is saying. The POTUS already signed an Exemption as the DEMS requested.

    Additionally, at some point Americans are going to finally UNDERSTAND the ACA and then the blame will fall squarely on the House GOP and Ted Cruz for being reduced to a bunch of whiners wasting all our time trying to re-legislate a bill that passed three years ago!

    Many will conclude that the Ted Cruz's out there are more than happy to watch you suffer while he ironically reads DR Zues and re debates a law that passed three years ago just for the sake of political posturing and prior campaigning for the upcoming 2016 election at our expense.

    Remember, the POTUS is finishing out his term and has nothing to lose. Say what you will about this POTUS, but many agree that the ACA is not some evil draconian measure with an Orwellian plot. While it may not be pristine, most people with a moral compass assert that this bill will help a good majority of the American public receive much needed healthcare.

    For example, how many wonder about the lack of access to mental health care after a Mass Shooting?. hmmmm....

    These tools have one replacement plan, I refer to it as IdontCARE, b/c one doesn't exist.

    So scr3w their "Defund Obamacare," scr3w their "Delay Obamacare" and you know what? Scr3w their "Vitter language."

    If this signature legislation (ONCE SUPPORTED BY REPUBLICANS UNTIL 2009) means that the kid dying in the hospital's Cancer Unit doesn't reach their Cap and their family can no longer cover his expenses, then I will not only support the ACA, but I'll wear it as if it were a badge of honor.

    Just My .02

  • Untitledma28839986-0002_max50


    11 months ago


    Shut the goverment, they still get paid and they also don't have to have Obama care. What a joke. America better wake up and get these POS out of Washington. We don't have to worry about another country destroying us, our own people in Washington are doing a good job already.

  • Giu-turkey-distribution-004-801_max50


    11 months ago


    What a bunch of whining @@$@2`1

  • 1asteriskshield_ezr_max50


    11 months ago


    Congress has not passed a budget since 0bama took office and the dems were put in charge. The continuing resolution would be moot if a budget was passed. Shut the freaking thing down.

  • Ericm60_max50


    11 months ago


    Our Leadership has become so corupt its unbelieveable!

  • 582602_3283682777720_334551836_n_max50


    11 months ago


    This Congress can't pass a kidney stone! Their new name, DI-GRESS!

  • 582602_3283682777720_334551836_n_max50


    11 months ago


    Bump Idealist.

    FACT: Cockroaches hava a better approval then Congress, and in a survey most Americans opted to send Congress to Syria.

    When we have a new Iranian leader that's more willing to negotiate with the American people via our POTUS, then a bunch of twatwaffles in the house who are spending OUR money filibustering stuff they once stood for prior to 2009, I think we have a problem.

    Their Jobs created=0, and they've filibustered a jobs bill for America's most patriotic- OUR VETS!!!! Disgraceful and Disgusting!!

    Perhaps it's time the American people can direct their outrage towards this blatant and obvious obstructionism, and begin paying attention to what's REALLY going on here.

    Meanwhile we're outraged about Umbrella-gate, Foot-gate, and the 'anger' over bombing or did not bombing Syria, the house sneaks through pulling Funds for our children's Education, College Funds (INVESTMENTS) Headstart Programs(so people can WORK), Housing, SNAP just to name a few.

    Not to say that there's not a fringe manipulating these programs, but FOX Noise (and the like) Manufactures their 24 hour non-news propaganda outlet to the point the viewers will say: "Oh, they cut 40 billion in food-stamps, *exhales deeply*, Thank you Jesus, we're saved now!!"

    The outlet thinks for them, and they don't research how minimal SNAP effects the budget and how it has a MAXIMUM effect on recipients whom are Children, Seniors and our Military Families.

    Media 'stories' like (Umbrella-Gate/Non existent Obama phones (FCC Ran 1981)/Foot on desk-gate like other
    presidents/Broccoli-gate/War on Christmas/Muslim Brotherhood/Kenyan Born et al) are easy to get sucked into.
    Reaching across the table and being....(gasp)...bipartisan to help "We The People".--Meh, not as interesting as looking into things like the possibility the parking lot of Obama's Library being built on the hollowed ground of Reagan's childhood home.

  • Att179311_max50


    11 months ago


    If congress cant pass a budget then shut down congress

  • Avatar7636_1_max50


    11 months ago



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