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Obama waives ban on arming terrorists to allow aid to Syrian opposition

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7 months ago

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September 17, 2013

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  • Ericm60_max50


    7 months ago


    Our politicians are trying to suck us into another war and now we are waiving rules on arming rebels! Syrian Muslim rebel eats the heart organ of enemy on video! The Politicians cant tell us who we are really helping! Alqueda or who knows! Check out the syrian rebel commander eating the heart of an enemy!

  • 1asteriskshield_ezr_max50


    7 months ago


    Banana republic indeed.

  • Thcaf6zgyj_max50


    7 months ago


    I just popped in over here b/c I heard they were selling SY-agra (Syrian Viagra brought on by the excitement of War) and there was a sale on survivor seeds I can grow in my underground bunker.

    Oh, strangely enough, given his pretty good record of countering terrorism (ask Osama et al).the POTUS and our stealth US Military may actually have a good strategy, but can't divulge every single detail to the public(see Jeraldo Rivera). I'm going to take a wild guess they also know about the fringe of bad guys there too..

    Then you have my boy John Mc Caineager to help (speaking of Sy-agra), I'm sure he can be helpful as long as he ceases to take any more photo ops with two wanted Syrian kidnapping terrorists in the background smiling away.

    People think I hate Bush, but I actually rallied around him after 9/11, politically affiliations not important in the least up here. Perhaps we can get his advice, as long as he can keep the focus on Syrian and doesn't suggest invading a different country.

    Sheesh, 3 more years of routing for our own POTUS to fail is sad beyond words

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