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911 Dispatcher Tells Woman About To Be Sexually Assaulted There Are No Cops To Help Her Due To Budget Cuts

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May 24, 2013

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  • Anonymous-killer-whale-232189_1__max50


    about 1 year ago


    Yeah, budget cuts are a reality nowadays we all gotta live with, but this particular dispatcher works for OSP. She should have sent one or two of her own units. She needs to seek employment elsewhere, and her current employer needs to hasten the process by firing her. If the victim had been murdered, the OSP would be facing a wrongful death lawsuit most likely. Shame on her !!!

  • New_unit_max50


    about 1 year ago


    The sheriff here is an embarrassment. Cut 23 deputies? How do you get in that kind of hole(a small department like this I will not even go into the nonsense of a "major crimes unit" the manpower and money that cost). What did those officers do? Ride around checking out scenery? How about a traffic unit? By product of enforcement accidents and fatalities go down; AND as a result revenue comes in. I not talking about the fools in our history that created speed traps which gave us a bad rap, although we worked for that image. It should take no more that four or five minutes to write a traffic citation so it would not be hard the write 5 a day. At and average of $150 a ticket is almost 200K a year. From just 1 officer. Not to mention the stolen vehicles recovered, warrants served, contraband found which could lead to forfeitures. If he had several deputies busting a little bit of a hump no telling what they could have. But it sounds like he went after the glamor instead of old fashion police work, not to mention whatever else a shopping spree at tax payers expense produce in his invetory. Monday through Friday? And ALL SIX GET WEEKENDS OFF? But I guess they did elect him.

  • 580266338686131_max50


    about 1 year ago


    Never heard of anything like this and hope I never do again. Dispatcher better pray she is never in a similar situation.

  • 1211120858_max50


    about 1 year ago


    Thats one jacked upped dispatcher, What she was saying may have been the truth, however given the situation I don't think that was the appropiate thing to say. While she was at it, she should have told the victim, well just stay on the phone so I can hear if he is really doing anything to you or not. This dispatcher should be looking for another line of work.

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