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5.16.2013/Update: Benghazi 'Scandal'

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May 16, 2013

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    She posted it under the Op / Ed section. What's the problem?

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    Op-Ed now posing as "news"? Benghazi was an attack on an American consulate which killed 4 Americans, pure and simple. The attack was sustained and lasted over 9 hours. There was no response from the "leadership" of the government to include Hillary Clinton or POTUS. What makes it worse is that the event was attempted to be spun on some innocuous video which nobody had seen nor heard of. This attempt at an excuse is rediculous on its face and makes dear leader look clueless to the rest of the world (we of course already knew this). This event along with the excuses, the coverup, the fingerprinting all makes our enemies laugh. They see an America whose leadership bears no responsibility and therefore one which will accept any attack upon Americans as status quo. The administration is supported by like-minded individuals willing to defend it at all costs, even American lives. The press, once the ally of this administration has finally gotten the knife stuck in its back and is now turning. I suppose that is what it takes in order to open eyes for some.

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