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Colorado Sheriff Says Dems Are Using Salary Threats to Pressure Sheriffs to Support Gun Control Bills

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March 11, 2013

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  • Thcaf6zgyj_max50


    about 1 year ago


    Another strawman argument without the straws! Can I have the 20 minutes of my life back now?

    Sometimes I think we should demand to see the High School transcripts of anyone who takes an article from 'The Blaze' and believes it to be Gospel.

    Here, they morphed in some talk radio that goes on and off topic, it's all over the place. Also, there's no e-mail submitted, and surprisingly this mouth dropping breaking news about a Sheriff being extorted by the left isn't blasted all over the rest of the media?

    No, only some butthurt ranting and a picture (lol) of what appears to be our do nothing congress, they could have atleast posted a pic of a police car and blurry email. Wooo, lol .

    To boot, and even as disingenuous as the Blaze is, they stated Verbatim-"After the interview, Maketa took to his Facebook page (facbook??) to clarify that the email did not come directly from Colorado Democrats:"

    People are free to express themselves and believe anything 'media' throws at them,( i.e.Fema camps and Death Stars)but this is akin to going to a DOA that is apparently shot, and minutes later holding a news conference on how the hold thing went down.

    Terrible journalism, I guess the word 'Sheriff' gave it a feel like actual LE News. If there was any truth in this foggy non-story, the Sheriff would be sitting on one h3ll of a lawsuit but this is 'The Blaze', which to me is running a close tie with the Onion.

    As one of my favorite members says "We are not a nation of thinkers".

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