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Farrakhan: 'Angry' Americans Taking Advantage of Obsolete 2nd Amendment

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January 28, 2013

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  • Female_bodysurfer_max50


    over 1 year ago


    Good thing "Drags" Farrakhan isn't armed with the barest semblance of a brain! But I will still defend to the death BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY his right to vogue his hare-brained ideas to bored audiences everywhere!

    (I do wish Farrakhan would stop using Moamar Kadaffy's tailor though.)

  • 582602_3283682777720_334551836_n_max50


    over 1 year ago


    Sorry for the rant, but C'mon guys, Farrakahn, really? In about ten years this guy will be selling bean pies and boot leg DVD's out of a wooden stand at the corner of Broad and Market Street.

  • 582602_3283682777720_334551836_n_max50


    over 1 year ago


    Dave I agree, maybe we should book him a flight?

    Now I don't doubt in anyway this idiot has spewed something stupid, but I would like to ask people to take a really good look at this article and it's possible intent.
    I'm asking this b/c the commenters are all riled up (good job to the uh journalist btw) making softly coded threats of a "revolution". The writer never mentions a venue, he's not on the news and there doesn't even seem to be a known date of the comment(that I noticed).

    A little about Farrakhan, he is not well liked at all. He's not well liked amongst Black Christians or Strict Black peaceful family oriented Muslims either. I think he lost his cred years ago when he referred to the late Dr. MLK as a "terrorist and a devil" -whatever that meant.
    The article also uses buzz words like "Nation of Islam", huh? Where is the 'Nation'? This idiot couldn't even fill a High School auditorium, and his only following is probably jail house Muslims who keeps asking if there is any pork in the Bologna sandwiches, or starving themselves to prove how holy they are-in jail. Ok so maybe there's a person or two still riding around with a Quran in the back of the 83 Caddy, but it's not many, not in Jersey.
    The next buzz words from the writer OPINION is 'Obama-Worshipping' in an attempt to pair the two together as if their the same person-NOT. Just b/c this idiot says stuff that pertains to the POTUS, doesn't mean the President interacts with him. And NO ONE 'worships Obama', or doesn't see the BS he does either!!

    Now you have people in that forum talking about a "revolution", this article as well as giving Farrah-CON five minutes of fame to assert the idea that our President is somehow correlated hence not worthy of the title of American/Christian, is ridiculous and embarrassing to me-as an American.

  • Chief_instigator_max50


    over 1 year ago


    WHAT A HEAPIN C R O C (I said) CROCK. What a CROCK. As a real historian would have known, the RIGHT TO KEEP & BEAR ARMS FAR PREDATES THE U. S. CONSTITUTION. Our 2nd amendment only FORBIDS the central government from taking our firearms, and CONFIRMS our pre-existing right to HAVE firearms. Farrakhan is still a fool; the Jim Crow laws pointed out the need for self-protection. As any real cop knows, THERE IS NOTHING "OBSOLETE" IN OUR SECOND AMENDMENT.

  • 25-1-13-a_1__max50


    over 1 year ago


    And I'll wager that he and his posse all have CCW permits and are armed to the hilt....... just sayin.

  • Crumb_passin_thru_02_1__max50


    over 1 year ago


    Farrakhan is irrelevant. The only reason a rag like Breitbart would give him attention is to do some hate mongering of their own.

  • Ba_old_glory_max50


    over 1 year ago


    No Louis, Americans are angry at hate mongers like you.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 1 year ago

    Same song next verse we have heard from him for decades.Anybody with an I.Q. in excess of room temperature will not believe his hate filled bilge.One wonders how long he would survive in Communist China,Viet Nam or North Korea bad mouthing their constitutions?

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