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NC woman sues NYPD over Empire State shooting

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Source: Salon

January 22, 2013

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  • Ericm60_max50


    over 1 year ago


    Its sad to say the department will pay her a settlement to shut her up and to keep from airing its dirty laundry because so many departments are way under trained because the training budget is one of the first to be axed!! Officers are accountable for every shot they fire! The training records and policies would be an ugly subject to bring out in a trial with some hired gun training experts! Ohio has reduced its annual qualification to a 6 stage minimum 25 rounds once a year! the ranges are 4 ft 3 rounds in 5 seconds 9 ft 3 rounds in 6 seconds 12 ft 4 rounds in 8 seconds 4 rounds in 7 seconds 20 ft 6 rounds in 14 seconds 30ft 3 rounds 8 seconds and 50 ft! 2 round 8 seconds. This is sad because many departments wont give ammo out for officers to practice and be more proficient!

  • Thinker_max50


    over 1 year ago


    While I understand the frustration and pain of all innocents who were injured, what would have been the outcome if they failed to act as they did? I do agree that those injured should be compensated for their medical bills by the city, but only their actual medical bills and not at any expense or ramifications to the officers...

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