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Devout Mormon or Jealous Killer

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Source: ABC News

January 10, 2013

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    I caught a brief glimpse of this case when it aired on TV. That first image she allegedly took of him in the shower seems to be sending a grim message. A message saying "she really caught me off guard." All I can say is fatal attraction, hope the family get's closure and justice for their son. The only 'winner" here will be the lawyers that will make a name for themselves defending this nut.

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    over 1 year ago


    Let me preface this by saying that I have been following this case from the moment I was informed of his death by the brother and sister of Travis Alexander. I did not know Travis personally but knew him by way of his brother and sister.

    She was anything but a "devout Mormon." She converted to the LDS faith because she thought by doing so, she would have Travis all to her self. She was in fact the sexual aggressor and ultimately, the physical aggressor in his murder. Travis was devout in his LDS faith but fell down a very slippery slope. He was seeking the religious counsel of his Bishop (equivalent to a Pastor of Priest) but had troubles breaking off the relationship completely. She continued to pay him visits, at times sneaking into the house and slipping into his bed. In his words, "How can I say no to someone who just slips into my bed?"

    She planned to make the trip to Mesa, AZ for the purpose of making Travis her own and if that failed, no one would have him. She brought with her a .25 cal handgun, presumed stolen from her grandfather. The weapon has never been found. A shell casing found at the crime scene was a .25 cal. She is claiming "self-defense......... this after first having denied her presence at the scene all together and second, having changed her story admitting her presence but that two unidentified men broke into the residence, killed Travis and let her go with the warning not to tell the police or they would kill her and her family. Only after being presented with such overwhelming evidence, did she change her story yet a third time to self-defense.

    She is a photographer who is very cognisant of her own appearance as well as her "subject matter." Several digital photographs were located on the digital camera belonging to Travis, despite her attempts to delete and otherwise destroy it by washing the camera with his bloody clothing. On his camera and as well as her own camera and in addition to the sexual photographs, a propped up and posed Travis Alexander was also photographed after he was killed. Much was made already in court why if she did it in a jealous rage, why she didn't disfigure or maim his face, with the exception of the ear to ear throat slashing, all of the knife wounds being made to the body. With the exception of the bullet wound to the head, as a photographer, she did not want a mutilated face to be her last memory.

    I watched most of the testimony of Ryan Burns, the new love interest she went to see in the hours or days after she killed Travis. In his description of Arias and his relationship with her, he struck me as being very taken by her and to be very naive. He readily believed anything Arias would tell him, including why she was pulled over by the local police for having an upside down license plate on her rental car.

    She is a liar through and through. This was not self-defense. She went to his house on a mission to claim him for her own or kill him if her mission failed. Both along the way and after the fact, she went through great lengths to hide and cover up her actions with several baskets full of lies. Hopefully, when it is all said and done, the jury sees her for the liar that she is and comes back with a guilty verdict.

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    over 1 year ago


    Just because someone is devout in their religion doesn't mean they can't kill.

  • Vpsomourningband_max50


    over 1 year ago


    Both. My question is if he was in the shower, and it appears that the first wounds were to his back, how was she defending herself? IMO she wasn't.

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