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After Bullets Hit Bystanders, Protocol Questions

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Source: New York Times

December 29, 2012

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  • Ericm60_max50


    over 1 year ago


    I am not attacking these officers however there is No question that many times officers have only a split second to make a decision however when the use of the firearm is called for and used officers must consider what is behind and beyond the target always think tactics when responding Officers are accountable for every shot fired! years ago we had a group of officers chasing a suspect on foot when a veteran officer yeld shoot him trying to scare the suspect and a young officer did hitting the perp in the buttocks and sending a round through a house killing the resident sleeping on the couch! Just recently we had officers shoot 137 rounds into a car that had fled and no weapons or evidence of any were found and both persons driver and passenger in the car were killed! I would almost bet in a department the size of the NYPD the amount of range time officers get is minimal at best due to financial costs. The state of Ohio has reduced the state qualification course to twenty five rounds minimum once a year! At our department many officers would rush out to the private shooting range at their own expense the day before qualification to practice because we were not allowed to practice on the department range since the department rented it out to other agencies and we were never issued any practice ammo! I hope we dont see our officers ending up like most of the Police in England UN ARMED BECAUSE ADMINISTRATORS ARE TO CHEAP TO TRAIN OFFICERS BETTER!

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 1 year ago


    The officers did not pick the location they were going to be assaulted by a gunman. They call this Friendly Fire, for a reason. There was no intent to harm the public it was simply Karma, and at times Karma bites. Officers are at times faced to make hard decisions please do not armchair this unintentional injured public shooting as another springboard for less round in the mag. Do not let them take the police back to the six shot revolver. Always meet aggression with over whelming aggression, lest you not go home at the end of your tour of duty. The F.B.I. even has an acceptable, 10 percent casualty rate for hostage situations where S.W.A.T trained agents are involved. Wrong place at the wrong time, chosen by the gunman not the Police. Keep Safe and enjoy the new year..

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