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“Doomsday Prepper” Raided By Police, FBI After Criticizing Obama

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December 07, 2012

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  • Segway-police-unit-china_max50


    over 1 year ago


    We especially have to look out for educated people who are worried about economic collapse. We should also make sure we don't take into consideration that all they talk about on TV is economic collapse. "dooms day" "pepper" folks get put on terrorist watch lists now. So if you stock up on food or buy gold or silver, you're basically a terrorist now. lol.

  • Giu-turkey-distribution-004-801_max50


    over 1 year ago


    "I am the police. And I am here to arrest you. You have broken the law. I did not write the law. I may even disagree with the law. But I will enforce it. I will act professionally and treat you with respect. I also expect to be treated with respect. I will not insult you.

    I will not brutalize you. I will only use the force necessary to stop you. I will do whatever it takes to place you in custody. I am prepared to deprive you of your freedom and if necessary your life. I will not hesitate to kill you if you endanger my life or the lives of others.

    If you run away I will chase you. If you fight me I will fight back. If you shoot at me I will shoot back. You are in this situation because something has gone wrong with your life. Most likely this moment has been a long time coming.

    As it is unlikely this moment may be an anomaly in an otherwise decent and law abiding life. I understand that factors in your life have created easy justification for your actions. Poverty, lack of education, drug abuse, emotional and physical abuse may have conspired to rob you of the ability to obey the law. But many other people have endured and transcended much worse circumstances that the ones which have shaped your life.

    Yet you have made bad decisions. You are responsible for your behavior. Your actions have made you my responsibility. No matter how you plead, cajole, beg or attempt to stir my sympathies nothing you do will stop me from placing you in a steel cage with grey bars.

    By law I am unable to walk away. I am a consequence. I am the unpaid bill. I am fate with a badge and a gun. Behind my badge is a heart like yours. I bleed, I think, I love. And yes, I can be killed. And although I am but one man, I have thousands of brothers and sisters who are the same as me.

    They will lay down their lives for me and I them. If you succeed in stopping me, you will not succeed in stopping them.

    We stand watch together, a thin blue line, protecting the prey from the predators. The good from the bad.

    We are the police!"

    Nuff said!

    However, 150 officers is a bit over the top!

  • 1979_max50


    over 1 year ago


    This is complete BS. Yes the guy had a felony drug conviction. What was it for, possession of pot? That is legal and a few states! He should have gotten himself a pardon first. To target a guy because he doesn't like Obama......there are millions and millions of us that cannot stand him. So he is being a good father and husband and making sure that should the feces hit the fan they will be protected, well isn't that what good people do? This was a total waste of time and money compared to the real criminals out there.

  • Att179311_max50


    over 1 year ago


    Lets see a criminal with guns no no suprise there

  • Ba_old_glory_max50


    over 1 year ago


    Lots of us law biding citizens distrust our government because its made up of politicians. But that doesn't mean we're going to shoot anyone.

  • 2012-11-02_12-02-01_133_max50


    over 1 year ago


    Interesting, but Dog the Bounty Hunter isn't allowed to carry guns neither despite his profession. Same situation as this gentleman. The law is the law though this one was over exaggerated in the takedown process.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 1 year ago

    Does this really surprise anybody?

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