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Lyons: Law officers' job protections go too far

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October 25, 2012

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    The question(s) of either being useful or unnecessary surrounding I.A.D. Divisions, have been around since the beginning of their move into the ranks of all Law Enforcement Communities.
    Having worked both outside of Police and or Public Servant investigations, as well as on the inner circle I still have very mixed feelings.
    Having also worked in the Prosecution arena, I have had the opportunity to have those feelings of both good and bad investigations come up from time to time.
    All I.A.D. units are only as good as the people who are assigned to those units, both, Supervision as well as Investigative positions. The key word is ASSIGNED.
    Personally I think Investigations in all fields need those individuals who are competent in that field, be it Homicide, Burglary, Family Violence, Child Abuse, Narcotics as well as I.A.D.
    The individual Investigator should be properly vetted, trained and assigned per his or her qualifications only, no lapdog for the brass to carry out their bidding.
    The selected Investigator should also have the complete decision making capability on each individual case, without interference from Supervisors or the City, County, or other Agency leaders. If your agency trusted him / her with that position then they should respect his / her decisions.
    I have always questioned the motives of the Investigator that volunteered for a position in I.A.D., anyone with this position who has an agenda should never been given the opportunity to hold another Peace Officers life and or livelihood in his / her hands. I have known Career I.A.D. Investigators, who will always re-up for the assignment. Some I considered friends up to that point in time. A good I.A.D. Investigator normally is the one who feels he just walked barefooted in Hades for the last year or so.
    I think a competent I.A.D. Investigator should work each case with the Last Man Standing attitude. Work the case from the inside out, then the outside in. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to an Officers future.
    In the event, an Officer is right the investigation should show it and the facts supporting it should be published. In turn if the Officer is found to be in the wrong these findings should also be published.
    Passing your problem down the road or maybe to another Agency, will only enhance the problem. This individual may be entering your friend’s home or stopping your family member next.
    I know the word transparency is the buzz word of the last few years, this has never been more relevant in any arena more so than in Public Service and the Law Enforcement Community.
    Regarding I.A.D. cases I have a personal phrase, “ Circling the Wagons “ , I use this when either the Agency, the Supervisors, the individual Officers “ Friend “, think they are helping the situation by keeping the thin blue line intact.
    If an individual Officer is willing to commit Perjury, to save himself or his friend in blue, he will be willing to commit Perjury in the Courtroom on his cases and send an innocent person to jail, or let the guilty out.
    In Texas, Perjury by a Peace Officer carries a mandatory JAIL sentence.
    Untruthful, Officers are like snitches, if they will snitch for you they will snitch on you, in turn the untruthful Officer will lie both ways to save himself and harm you, the Investigator.
    Once obtaining Perjury Tag, even if not charged, you as an Officer, will never be believed either on the stand, on your search warrant, on your arrest affidavit, not even in your reports.
    FACT, Most, cases involving a complaint against a Law Enforcement Officer are unfounded. This is the result of lax controls having been instituted by the individual Agency. These cases need to be published with not only the Agency but also the Public.

    Sorry for the rant, but maybe we, all of us, being connected by the term Peace Officer, Law Enforcement Community, Brothers of the Badge, need to take a close look at all agencies, Local, State and Federal, watch how they do things, learn from the mistakes and integrate the good.
    Remember when the Badge is TARNISHED, the Public never remembers the shape, color, style, it is just a Badge and you are wearing one.

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