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Woman shot dead by Brooklyn detective after trying to flee chaotic accident scene by throwing car into reverse

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about 2 years ago

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Source: NY Daily news

June 15, 2012

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  • Thinker_max50


    about 2 years ago


    The title of the story makes it sound like it was some inncoent woman who got all confused during an accident. She is a criminal in a stolen vehicle taken in a carjacking and was in the middle of a criminal act.

    Let's call and title it what it was and let the investigation determine if the detective did anything wrong...

  • Batman_max600_1__max50


    about 2 years ago


    Good shoot + bad person = justice served. She should not have fought the Officers. If she was such a sweetie pie then she would not have been in a stolen car that she forcibly took from another person at the point of a gun. Aldermen should be voted out for talking out their back sides. They should be backing the Officers not trashing them. WOW this world is going to heck in a handbag!!!

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    about 2 years ago

    I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone for NOT Monday morning quarterbacking the decission/decisions of the leos on the scene.We street warriors do,at times have to make split second judgements.We are not offered,at these times,the luzury of sitting in a court of law to hash out such decissions,for weeks,as attorneys do.There is more than coffee and donuts to contemplate.

  • Vpsomourningband_max50


    about 2 years ago


    Bump MarlyB, a menace on two legs and a terror with four wheels beneath her. Oh, I agree whole heartedly, she was a sweet heart who had her whole life ahead of her... Not!

    I rated it down because an officer and his family will suffer to some degree at having to take the life of one who could care less about decent human beings.

  • Half_dome_yosemite_national_park_max50


    about 2 years ago


    May I be the first to say, GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!! The world is a better place without you woman!!!

  • Gods_team_max50


    about 2 years ago


    She might have been unarmed but was behind the wheel which is considered a weapon and attempted to use it to strike an officer. Sounds justified to me!

  • Eagle_and_flag_max50


    about 2 years ago


    Sounds justified to me!

    A "Sweetie pie with her whole life in front of her"? With Davis' history, I wonder what they consider a criminal then?

  • Female_bodysurfer_max50


    about 2 years ago


    Shantel Davis may have had her whole life in front of her. That's arguable, the way she was going. Her recent past indicates she was interested in a much shorter term on the planet. In her short life, she acquired a lengthy felony rap sheet, stole a car (at least one we know about) at gunpoint, launched it into a public setting as a rampant lethal weapon, fled and resisted arrest crying "Don't kill me!" with possible access to a firearm within her wingspan.

    Shantel Davis's short life showed a bald criminal disregard for her own life and the lives of others.

    Including the lives of the officer(s) who would have to end the violent scene Davis constructed to elude capture. I am not a cop and I would have assumed Davis was armed and would reach at the first opportunity.

    Candles in the street? Howzabout flowers to the family of the detective who was forced into a situation where deadly force became the only option? In the taking of a human life, no doubt the detective is also injured.

    Folks need to back away slowly from the television set and get real. Car chases like this women tried to pull off are dramatic scenes in movies, not real outcomes. Even so, this woman was a menace on two legs.

  • 1979_max50


    about 2 years ago


    Why are two councilman getting involved? One saying she should not have been shot and the other bringing the death notification to the family? The cousin said she had her whole life ahead of her and assemblymen says she isn't a threat? This little witch has 8 felony arrests along with outstanding felony warrants. She is scheduled to go to trail for what, robbery and attempted murder and kidnapping? She was in a vehicle that she carjacked at gunpoint after she fled from the police wildly driving and crashing into other vehicles and not caring how many lives she was endangering? She fights with the police including trying to flee in the vehicle with a Detective half in, half out of the car? Yeah, what a sweetheart who richly deserves the protests and candlelight vigil's. Get real, this thing, this waste of air, was a dangerous individual and was either going to kill or end up being killed. Fortunately these two Officers will be going home with just bruises and her, well cremate her and place her ashes in one of the barges that dump garbage off-shore up there.

  • Caduceus_max50


    about 2 years ago


    What other option did the officer have?


  • Ba_old_glory_max50


    about 2 years ago


    Assemblyman Perry can stick it as far as I am concerned.

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