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Mitt Happened - Pundits Pivot on Mitt Romney (VIDEO)

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April 23, 2012

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  • Crumb_passin_thru_02_1__max50


    almost 2 years ago


    Dave, I've never been enamored of the two-party system. In fact, I was rather aghast at the idea that there was a box you could check to just vote for the party rather than individual candidates. This "party-line" option should be outlawed and people should be made to think about each office and the choices.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 2 years ago

    I'm about enthused also Matt.Haven't voted since the year 2000 and probably won't vote anytime in the next two thousand years.Call me unpatriotic but .as I have stated many times previously,neither major political party has given us a canditate who has any inkling about governing a country.Even more tragic is the evident fact that neither political party has put the people first and neither has accepted the fact that a Democracy is governed of,by and for the people.Only by our concent do they SERVE us,not RULE us.

  • Derrick_max50


    almost 2 years ago


    The republican party has made this up coming election more about the haves and have not then about what's right for the people of the US, the republican party do not want to raise taxes on the wealthy and rich but want those of us who make less then $250,000 to pay more into taxes and get nothing back, they want to have a say so on what a women can do with their lives when it comes to birth control, they want the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer and then they flip-flop on so many issues you do not know what they stand is on anything. All the republicans want is President Obama out of the way so they can have their way and help all of their wealthy friends and lower their taxes. President Obama is standing in their way and they are trying to do what ever they can to discredit him. If by crook we get a Republican President GOD HELP us.

  • Image_max50


    almost 2 years ago


    awe cut Willard some slack, he's one h3ll of a Rap Artist.....You know the "other" Mitt Romney or is i R_MONEY??.
    Proof is here, Must see!!!

  • Snoopy_6_max50


    almost 2 years ago


    Interesting video. Gotta love watching all the flip flop republicans. "Read my lips, no new taxes"... It's actually hilarious. I just got one question. How can a former governor of one of (if not the) most liberal states, run as a conservative? Actually another question comes to mind. How can all these republicans and tea party folk jump on his band wagon?

  • Crumb_passin_thru_02_1__max50


    almost 2 years ago


    The "enthusiasm" is breathtaking.

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