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PA State Trooper Angers Many Before Retiring

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Source: Harrisburg Patriot News

February 08, 2012

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  • Car_004_max50


    over 2 years ago


    If the posts by educator1209 are truly the troopers then I say, sounds good to me!!! I am not a fan of all the charging people criminally for any instance that people die. Accidents happen and they are JUST ACCIDENTS. I am not only speaking of traffic accidents either. I still believe the BART Officer that shot the disorderly T U R D on the subway ramp was charged for political reasons when you can clearly see by the video it was an accident. This society has become to quick to charge people criminally for everything. I hope it never happens but if the people posting the comments under the artical are ever in an ACCIDENT that causes the death of another I would be willing to bet a paycheck they would change their tune about criminal charges. Sounds to me like the Trooper (very experienced Trooper) made a decision based on the facts and laws. Looks like the DA was receiving some grief over the disposition of the case by those that do not know or understand the investigation process and the laws in place. People tend to get all emotional and do not care about the facts and probibly made comments to the DA. Instead of the DA explaining the situation he put the Trooper out there as the bad guy........I mean, why not blame the big bad police officer....everyone else does when things do not go their way!!! Sounds like political C R A P to me and I have already spent to much time on the subject.

  • Self-3_max50


    over 2 years ago


    This is the officer's statement about not knowing the PennDot truck operator before the crash, making it unlikely that he was in collusion with the individual to "fix" the outcome:

    "Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but unless you know me or know all the facts of the case and the law you have no right to slander me or my decision. 90 percent of the people I have arrested feel I am one of the most fair Troopers out there and especially with a child involved would not have left someone off easy if I felt they were criminally wrong. For those who are questioning any affiliation I will tell you that another officer took the written statement from Mr. Hoover and on Friday when I met with him was the very first time I ever saw him or talked to him other than the phone call to have him meet me at the D.J.'s office.
    There are unsafe incidents that occur every day that kill people, but not all require criminal charges. This was simply an unfortunate ACCIDENT and the whole thing needs to be settled in civil court not criminal court."

  • Self-3_max50


    over 2 years ago


    The officer posted various comments, but this is the first one:

    "This is the person that made that decision to charge the PENNDOT driver with the summary and it was my decision to make after reviewing the evidence and accident reconstruction. My decision was based on those investigations, the way the law is constructed as to proving gross negeligence and past practices.
    You can not make your decisions based on political agenda, political pressures or how bad you feel for the loss that the family has had in the other car. No matter what my charge, it does not take away from the amount of money the family will receive because if I am not mistaken there is something in the statute that says no matter what you sue for, there is a million dollar cap on any lawsuits involving PENNDOT.
    You people saying about a fix, this guy should be thrown in jail, conspiracy and all the other things, do not know how the law reads and what is required to make a criminal case, and this by all means did not come close to at least two other fatal crashes as to any type of gross negligence in which Chad Chenot made the decision to only file summary citations on those cases. You all have to remember, this was the same district attorney that had the mother arrested for going onto the bus because she thought something was wrong with the child and then withdrew the charges and started back peddling. Now lets take a look at his anger issues, there is no reason he needed to contact the media after hanging up with me and go on a tangent providing my personal name and everything else he said, all he really needed to do was announce to the media that a decision was made and the citation was the outcome. This is also the same peson that sat in a meeting with me, the station commander and the accident reconstructionist and made the comment that I don't think we could win this case, but I was thinking about charging him anyway. Now is that the type of person that should be in that office."

  • Self-3_max50


    over 2 years ago


    The officer responded to these allegations in the comments below the article. It seems like he had good jusrification for his decisions. He said that he did not know the PennDot truck driver and issued the traffic ticket based on discussion with the D.A. and what the law allows. He said that the remedy, if appropriate, lies in civil court. This guys reputation is being dragged through the mud by someone. I hope that the accusers have sound justification for their mudslinging.

  • Thinker_max50


    over 2 years ago


    Sounds, looks and smells bad, but what is the other side of the story? Need to investigate and determine why the Trooper did what he did and if there was any connection or collusion between him and the truck driver...

  • 000000000000000aaaaaaaaaa_max50


    over 2 years ago


    America does not take care of those who take care of her.

  • Steve_mcqueen_max50


    over 2 years ago


    I would think that if some form of collusion can be proven that modified charges to include conspiracy could be brought forward in criminal court . Also the old fail safe of bringing Civil Charges against both parties are still viable. Not enough information to make an informed decision without all the evidence , it does however from all outward appearances "STINK OF COLLUSION OR AS WE USE TO CALL IT THE MONTY HALL DOOR".

  • John_groh_max50


    over 2 years ago


    Bump Whalewatcher on this. I also agree with JCPD085, we need more information.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 2 years ago

    I need more information on this....It appears the only person they interviewed was the D.A..

  • Anonymous-killer-whale-232189_1__max50


    over 2 years ago


    Initially, this doesn't sound too good. Would like to see some follow-up story/stories on this, though.

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