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Christian Louboutin Replica

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December 30, 2011

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    OM.G. "PLEASE" get a life.If i were to give you a lollipop would you be a good little freak and go play in a sewer someplace.

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    Selection Christian Louboutin Replica of documentary Xinhua Beijing, December 28 (reporter Xu Xueyi) "the most beautiful mother" "fire girl" "shoumu Veterans" "crutch teacher" and "father of Chinese cabbage" sth In 2011, the commenters to give the amiable and respectable "grassroots" personality label, and one by one bring them up in their Christian Louboutin Replica own way. An annual event, tribute continued, this is an honor and dream embrace responsibility, when "China Site ¡¤ 2011" spotlight of network figures of the year award for these grass-root heroes light up again, we know, the network reduces the world will also resonate with zoom. Grassroots heroes bearing the Christian Louboutin Replica generally recognized by society as a kind and tough, self-reliance, play, and faith, stars reflect a history deeply rooted in folk of "inner moral strength", the stage is brilliant historical course witnessed millions of grassroots push moving track of. Grass-roots powerful, construct society's most solid cornerstones Christian Louboutin Replica of "the most beautiful girl", "bridge you know"
    And "xiaonv before" and "Grandma sent gruel", "sturdy rush 's" sth Group of and group of grass-roots hero out now we before, they is we side of ordinary people, do with all trades and professions in their ordinary of work, had with ordinary and calm of life, has happy, also has troubles. they of deeds may not be and spectacular, they of as may little, but they points bit drops of pay shows has a real of dimension of, told we: total some things worth holding keep, total some better worth pursuit, and ordinary world of you and I are can do. This is our grassroots, sharply in China's social transition period when shocks in the moral values, they have done to build the most solid cornerstones in society. When the "old man falls to go grab" when issues such as entanglement in people's hearts, slight of figure, and illiterate Chen Xianmei readily picked up by a car rolling small Yuet Yuet, Po's idea is very simple--"can't control it
    Many "" always someone to help. " On this, Xinhua users Shi Shusi think, "like Chen Po such of people appeared was more has, must will wake members inside for people of conscience, to brave to help others, and does not worried about was blackmail, and and does not worried about own interests was losses." Dang "money first" "Lutheran is gradually into scarce products", argument raises members thinking Shi, Chongqing "bar bar" Zheng Dingxiang in wind snow in the struggling looking for employers five days, wearing mid layers, frozen was shaking, is never dynamic had bag in of cotton served And comrades of a commitment to more than 60 years ago, 86 Ou Xingtian to abandon family relationships, drag the sick body, bring their own food, two years on four Beijing, visited the six provinces, for the reconstruction of the West Gate of Huaibei resist against Japan martyr running around, and adhere to the more than more than 2,400 sacrifice his comrades shoumu 30. When some people to take when the city associated with the cold and alert, 64 apricot Chan was only Cindy in the spring season every day at 5 o'clock, To steaming of white rice porridge and ginger tea sent to queued tickets of foreign workers who hand Shang. in she of effect Xia, a dozen bit community staff, and group of placed winter vacation of pupils, even even Taiwan nationality volunteers are joined to "sent porridge Grandma" of team in the. users "small Lily Lily" think, one scarab elderly to she of practicing, giving others help and warm, this warm also arouse has members heart of goodwill, call to increasingly more of people joined to she of team. in "let every man skin his own Skunk" of environment Xia, Grandma Chen these seemingly "trivial" things that show the brilliance of human nature, passing human love. Netizen "‡å ‡å" says we can't change the world of suffering, but can be envisaged in the pay of tiny love. even if only a tiny love, is also valuable. The "China Site ¡¤ 2011" network figures of the year award last year, has had 4 quarterly selection, 60

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