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911 Calls Gone Tragically Wrong

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December 17, 2011

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  • 1979_max50


    over 2 years ago


    I realize that our dispatchers can and do occasionally make minor mistakes but when they commit an error that cost a persons life, they need to be held responsible, just like an Officer who through mishandling a call result in a fatality. The Dispatcher who cost the lives of those LEO's should have gone to jail for negligent homicide, three counts as well as everything else they could throw at her as she was just plain lazy and did not care, all she wanted was a paycheck. (I am familiar with that case as are most LEO's) The other should also face appropriate actions.
    The Dispatchers are our eyes and ears before the call and a vital communication link at all times. We must be able to trust them just as much as our fellow Officers. They need as much training on dealing with the public as we do and it needs to be on-going training and refresher. I was lucky in my time to have caring and properly trained Dispatchers. With the lowering of standards and screening we are now giving these jobs to people that do not care about laws or LEO's and the only thing they care about is their weekly check..

  • Img_3700_max50


    over 2 years ago


    That's just sad that these people who cost someone's life from being negligent were given a slight slap on the wrist while families lost their loved ones. I must also agree with Top_Cat, this is definitely a training issue that should have been attended to, especially the operator with the various infractions to her record.

  • Sparkle_girl_max50


    over 2 years ago


    How sad. Shame that messages are ignored or not made complete. Those lives lost were due to negligence!

  • Herosonpatrol_max50


    over 2 years ago


    Too many words to say.. they should All be Alive Today had it not been for incompetent dispatchers..

  • Paramedic_ffl__2_max50


    over 2 years ago


    It is lack of accountability that allows incompetent operators to remain on the job.

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